Power Up Digital Displays with Props

Digital decorations are fantastically flexible. From walls to windows; TVs to mid-air Hollusions we're constantly amazed by the creativity of our fans. Now, we progress to displays as unique as the people who create them — Prop Mode.

We started with one of the easiest ways to display digital decorations, Wall Mode. Then, our most popular way to present them, Window Mode. Now, we progress to displays that are as unique as the people who create them: Prop Mode. 

Prop Mode involves projecting an image onto a three-dimensional prop to create stunning startle scares, story time, or even sing-alongs. While may fans utilize our innovative 3DFX Form, you can truly project onto anything. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

A Trio of Ghosts Haunt Your Home

Longtime fan Brent Franker has been creating some pretty extensive displays, some with as many as 14 projectors, so this entire YouTube video is worth watching. We're focusing on his stunning display of Boo Crew using three AtmosFX 3DFX Forms. When projecting onto these inflatable life-size props, three wisecracking ghosts appear to be singing and chatting through the night. 

The Display that Started it All: Pumpkin Mode 

“Pumpkin Mode,” is what we call AtmosFX’s first Prop Mode display. Since 2014, fans have been projecting Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree into three uncarved pumpkins, making it appear that they are singing and joking with each other. While you can find thousands of fans utilizing this digital decoration on YouTube, we like the simplicity and clarity (despite it being in French) of Lloyd Mallol’s how-to video.

Unleashing Phantoms Trapped in a DIY Crystal Ball

We still love this video from one of our earliest Freaks of the Week, Don Raymer. After being disappointed with an animatronic crystal ball he purchased at a Halloween store, Don gave it a coat of paint and projected the "Wicked Wraith" individual decoration from Phantasms onto it. As a result, he created a more dynamic effect than he originally intended.

You can learn more about using AtmosFX digital decorations in Prop Mode here and keep coming back to AtmosFX.com to see some of our favorite fan videos.

It is a great way to get inspired any time of year! If you have your own inspirations to share, send your YouTube links to community@atmosFX.com

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