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AtmosFX 3DFX Form


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  • Inflatable 3DFX Form
  • 3DFX projection fabric shroud
  • Two (2) shroud clips
  • Foot pump
  • Includes a promotional card inside the packaging for a $9.99 credit redeemable on any digital decoration scene (excluding Trick 'r Treat)

Product Description

Updated for 2017, the AtmosFX 3DFX Form is a human-shaped inflatable vinyl form that stands over 5 ½ feet tall. Durable, reusable, and easy to set up, this unique prop was designed specifically for AtmosFX 3DFX Prop mode digital decorations to give you a new, spooky-cool way to decorate. Imagine a life-size, free-standing, animated character singing, telling stories and, of course, freaking out anyone who passes by.

New for 2017, the 3DFX Form now features an easy-to-use foot pump and improved projection shroud.

To get started, simply inflate the 3DFX Form in an optimal location, cover it with the provided projection fabric, and project any of your favorite 3DFX Prop mode scenes directly onto its surface.

As an added bonus, each AtmosFX 3DFX Form is packaged with a $9.99 promotional code, which can be redeemed for a free digital decoration download* of your choice, including special 3DFX Prop mode scenes created specifically for the 3DFX Form. To take advantage of this special offer, add any single-scene download to your cart, and enter the included code to the discount box at checkout.

*Promotional codes apply to AtmosFX single scene downloads only (excluding Trick ' Treat).

AtmosFX Digital Decorations with 3DFX Prop Mode Scenes

There are several AtmosFX Digital Decorations with scenes specifically designed for the exact size and shape of the 3DFX Form – making it incredibly easy to create a dynamic effect like nothing your neighborhood has ever seen. When displaying a 3DFX Prop mode scene, your 3DFX Form will appear to move, talk and sing – as if it is truly alive!

The following digital decorations include scenes that are optimized for the 3DFX Form.

Halloween-themed Digital Decorations

Holiday-themed Digital Decorations

AtmosFX 3DFX Form

Technical Specs

  • Constructed of durable, inflatable vinyl
  • Fillable reservoir base
  • Security ground tabs
  • Premium air fill valves
  • Approximately 68” tall
  • Approximately 28” wide

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Customer Reviews

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Ryan Schiro
Bremerton, Washington

3d Prop

I accidently bought two of them. Good thing I did not return the extra one because the first one ripped at the base due to me trying to prop it up right with a cement bench. Dumb idea right? Anyway put up the second one but it still leans backwards :( Folks at my halloween party thought it was the coolest thing however! Not sure how to keep it from leaning backwards. Fyi...used water to inflate the base. Going to use it next to show off santa on my deck for christmas. :)

Andrea Parodi

Not like shown on AtmosfX website

I bought 3D form and also the DVD... so I did play the 3D form mode and then it does not go vertical this means that on the background of the scene that should be a lone phantom you are going to have still light and so you cannot reallly use in the House or like they are telling yiu that it easy Infact the projector should be able to project only the shape of the phantom ( or any caracthee) but this is not true as light is still all around on a rectangle scene Be aware don’t buy it



HI Andrea. Sorry you're having trouble with Boo Crew and the 3DFX Form. Where did you buy the DVD? We only sell Boo Crew as a digital download. Boo Crew is one of our True Vertical Decorations (see our Help article here: http://support.atmosfx.com/article/31-is-there-a-vertical-mode-for-all-decorations) which means that they included decorations that are are rotated by 90°, as well as the regular horizontal versions. You'll need to turn your projector on its side to project them properly. Here is a YouTube video of one of our fans setting up Boo Crew with the 3DFX Form successfully (about 2:17). Hopefully it helps out. Happy decorating! https://youtu.be/xgtGa1qNkoM

Robert H.
United States

Gettin' pumped up for Halloween

I bought the 2017 version of the 3DFX form. It includes the plastic inflatable, a foot pump, hollusion cloth and 2 clips to shape the cloth to the form. The foot pump worked well after I reassembled the accordion portion to the base. The inflatable is in two sections--body shape and base. The foot pump works only for the body shape. The base is fill-able and you want something to weigh it down so that your form stays in place. I thought of using water, but don't want to risk a leak. I chose cat litter and air so that after Halloween I can dump the litter in the cat box. With form in place and cloth draped over, the illusion falls to your skill in placing your projector. I am quite happy with the result.Biggest challenge for me is to keep my puppy from attacking the form.

Stan L.
United States

Good concept but not perfect in actual deployment

I was very happy with the original 3DFX form for everything it was, despite it's obvious issue with depth of shape of things projected onto it. The new version appears like it will fix that nicely but it creates new problems in the process. First, and most important, every time the temperature drops significantly so does the blow-up 3DFX form, literally. Just like with any balloon, the more the temperature changes the more the air pressure changes inside the 3DFX form. A drop of around 15-20 degrees (say, from 70-75 degrees we had yesterday to the low-mid 50's as we have today here in NY) will lower the inside pressure of the form enough to make it lean over entirely to one side almost to the ground like a drunken ghost. Sure I can pump it back up, but then if the temperature goes back up will it become over-inflated and possibly develop a leak? Or will the plastic stretch and have the same problem again when the temperature drops again? The 3DFX form needs some kind of spine or pole up the backside to keep it upright no matter the temperature. Second issue, and this isn't necessarily as problematic as the first one but more a comparison with the original version of the 3DFX form, is this. The material provided with the new form, along with the blow-up body behind it, give it a more distinctly stand-out kind of appearance during the day compared to the old form. The old one was kind of see-through during the day, which gave it a ghostly appearance and because it was thinner than the new form it didn't stand out nearly as much. The new form it much bigger subjectively and stands out much more during the day both in size and in appearance because there's no "see-throughness" to it. Probably wouldn't be so obvious to someone who never had the original but it's quite noticeable to someone who has both. Because it looks rather bland like a grey sheet over... well, something... it makes it harder to blend it into an overall Halloween display that is purposely made to look good both during the day and at night. At night, no problem, videos running on it and I expect it will look great. During the day, a bigger problem than the older version. I'm going to be trying out projecting onto it for the first time tomorrow so I'd probably have more to say about appearance in actual use after that, but given that the actual use is what they specifically geared the 2.0 version towards, and thus is should work even better than the original, I expect it will perform nicely so I'm posting my response now in lieu of seeing it. Altogether a well-made product, but with the issues as I've mentioned.



Thanks for the feedback, Stan!

United States


I couldn't tell you regarding this product! I'm having so much trouble and your support by email only completely sucks! It should not be days to solve an issue



Sorry you're having trouble. Our customer service team has added season members and is working 7 days a week to try to catch up. Many other team members are pitching in from other departments so we will help as best we can. What is the issue you're having. We'll try to get you up and running as fast as we can.

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