These Digital Wall Displays Will Stun You!

Each year, more and more AtmosFX Digital Decorations are popping up around the world. So are the incredibly creative ways our fans are using them. The possibilities are endless but, let’s focus on the five main modes: Walls, Windows, Hollusions, Props, and TV/Monitor Mode.

One of the easiest ways to start is with Wall Mode. Just train your projector on any solid surface, start your digital decoration, and press play. Then, the magic begins. Below are three AtmosFX Wall Mode displays we currently find most captivating.

Zombies Tear Down Home, Nightly

We've been a fan of Nova Halloween's YouTube page for years but we especially love the chutzpah of this 2017 video: Why project on a wall when you could project on an entire house instead? Well, he does — to great effect. Using a 2,000-lumen projector and AtmosFX's Zombie Invasion!, Nova Halloween makes it appear that his house is exploding with the undead.

The Ghost Seen 'Round the World


When AtmosFX fan Wayne Seadan was testing out his new Phantasms Digital Decoration on the exterior wall of his Colchester home in England, he was so pleased with the results he posted the video of the angry poltergeist on his Facebook page. The video went viral and got more than 7 million views! Check it out on YouTube, above.

Dad Does 'Disney' for Daughter's Playroom


Of course, AtmosFX makes more than just Halloween decorations — they make magic, too. Wayne Coram wanted to create a fireworks display in his daughter's playroom, just above her toy castle like they do at Disneyland. By using the fireworks scene in AtmosFX's Celebrations Party Time and projecting it onto the ceiling, Wayne was able to transport his daughter into her own personal fairy tale.  

Keep coming back to to see some of our all-time favorite videos submitted by our fans. It is a great way to get inspired any time of year!

In the meantime, if you have your own inspirations to share, send your YouTube links to!

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