Five Winning Valentine’s Day Gift Makeovers

With Valentine’s Day approaching, it can be easy to settle into the same old habits, year after year. Instead, pump some life back into your holiday with a few makeovers that will sure to be a romantic tradition for years to come.

Here are 5 great ways to show and share your love and affection.

1. The Valentine’s Card

Never visit the drug store greeting card aisle again. The clever folks at have re-imagined the Valentine’s card, creating an animated display that can be projected onto a window, wall or any other surface. (Your TV, too.) Tastefully loaded with candy hearts, roses, Cupid and more, the ‘My Valentine’ digital decoration is an e-card on steroids. And when your sweetie arrives home to see this dynamic display covering the entire front window, you’ll know you’ve won Valentine’s Day. (It is a competition, right?)

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2. The Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet of flowers speaks volumes any time of year, not just on Valentine’s Day. However, if you really want to deliver an additional message with your bouquet, we like what Erica has put together at Honestly Yum. By using metal marquee letters and wet floral foam, you can spell-out words using fresh-cut flowers. That might be “Love” or “XO” as we see here – but if you want to spell “Happy Saint Valentine’s Day” you’ll want to get to work, um, like yesterday.

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3. The Candy Sampler

Everyone loves a box of chocolates. But most of us are also guilty of leaving behind a few half-eaten leftovers when the interior goo isn’t even remotely delicious. The custom candy bento boxes at Sugarfina don’t leave anything to chance. This seriously sophisticated take on the standard candy sampler – like champagne gummy bears or maple bourbon caramels. The exquisite flavors are curated for the adult palate – just pick the size of your bento box and let your cravings be your guide.

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4. The Jewelry

For the many people who yearn for conflict-free jewelry, etsy artist SkateBetty offers a colorful – and certainly more playful – take on the season’s ultimate gift. SkateBetty offers rings, earrings, bracelets and other accessories crafted from recycled skateboards. The grains of the layered-woods alone are are a sight to behold, and a marvelously original way to accessorize your sweetie. Plus, the only potential conflict are the skinned knees this casually cool bling might have caused in its earlier life as a skateboard.

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5. The Wine

Wine, quite simply, is required on Valentine’s Day. What you choose – well, that’s up to you. But instead of finding a bottle at the supermarket that might be hit-or-miss, improve your chances with a wine club. The folks at Plonk Wine Club work from a curated list of smaller, craft wineries that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere. They also provide a grape variety club subscription – so if you prefer Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc, you can select exactly that.

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