Color this AtmosFAN’s Skull Red

We’ve always considered AtmosFX’s new Spectral Signs Decoration Collection a spiritual successor to one of our oldest decorations – Blood Walls. So we were delighted to see longtime AtomsFAN Rich Byrnes was putting this older decoration to test, projecting onto two skulls.

From our perspective, his display is both simple and stunning. Sometimes the simplest displays are the most effective.

What makes Rick’s display work so well? The rich red texture in the background does more than just make the skulls pop. The red background also makes sure the light spill – that is, the image from the projector that does not cover the skulls – is rendered nearly invisible. And that makes the blood dripping down from the skulls even more effective!

What more to say than that? It’s a great effect that would look good in any Halloween decoration display! Nice work, Rich!

Are you projecting on a prop to create something unusual? Maybe you have something in the workshop that you are testing? If so, we want to see it, and so do countless other decorators! Send your photos and videos to us using this simple online submission form and you might be the next AtmosFAN of the Week. With any submission, you’ll earn Kudos to use at – and if selected, you will earn a free decoration collection!

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