Ready for the Best ‘Treat’ of the Halloween Season?

Since there is never a better time than Halloween to spring a surprise on everyone – we’re ready to lay this on you:

We are going to unleash a second AtmosFX Digital Decoration this Halloween.

OK, you might’ve guessed that. Now, here’s the surprise: We are doing it in partnership with Legendary Pictures and Michael Dougherty, who wrote and directed easily one of the best Halloween films – “Trick ’r Treat.”

Together, we are bringing back the main character Sam, the mysterious child in the burlap-sack mask who ties together the 2007 indie classic’s Halloween anthology.

The AtmosFX “Trick ’r Treat” Digital Decoration is brimming with  all-new vignettes featuring Sam, in the original costume from the film. Even though the vignettes are new, they remain true to the original movie, in which Sam dispenses his own unique brand of grisly justice on anyone who does not adhere to the traditions of Halloween.

For Dougherty – and those of us here at AtmosFX – this collaboration was an unexpected surprise. Dougherty, himself a big Halloween decorator, was amazed to find that the digital decorations he had been using in his own home were made by two former MTV colleagues. Reconnected after several years, this unique partnership was born.

They quickly started talking about a collaboration to create “Trick ’r Treat” branded digital decoration and bringing Sam into people’s homes, haunting their yards, windows and doorways. And now, this Halloween season, it is here.  “It’s a dream come true for the three of us,” Dougherty said.

AtmosFX’s “Trick ’r Treat” Digital Decoration will feature scenes in multiple modes, including AtmosFX’s popular Hollusion™ mode which, when used with AtmosGEAR™ Hollusion Projection Material, creates an illusion where characters like Sam and his minions can appear and disappear in thin air.

This special AtmosFX Digital Decoration will be available as a high-definition digital download at the end of September 2016, exclusively at Like its R-rated film counterpart, this decoration features realistic, horror-themed content and is not suitable for a younger audience.

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