AtmosFAN’s Home Becomes Surreal ‘Clown House’

Could you forgive us for having Halloween on the brain even as St. Valentine’s Day approaches? Perhaps this is always the case, but we've got a quality excuse ever since we’ve been hypnotized by Mark B.’s terrifically surreal Halloween display at his St. George, Utah, home.

To be fair, Mark probably wasn’t considering Valentine’s Day when he was setting up his display last October. But now, as February 14 approaches, what else could we possibly think of as we immerse ourselves in this clown-infested balloon forest that is absolutely saturated in pinks and reds? We absolutely love it!

As is almost always the case, when you add clowns into any decorating mix, you get a strange combination of cheeriness and weirdness. That’s perfectly expressed with the balloons – sure, balloons are cheery, but when you place a giant clown smack-dab in the middle of those meticulously placed balloons, isn’t that strangely foreboding? We think so.

Mark tells us that his home has become known by his neighbors as “the Clown House” over the past several Halloweens – and that, obviously, is a good thing. To buttress that reputation, you can see a great Window Mode projection of Creepy Clowns Decoration Collection in the back upper windows.

Of course, Mark’s Halloween display isn‘t all clownish antics. He’s got the Night Stalkers Decoration Collection going in the lower window, as well as a fantastic large presentation of the Halloween Zombie Bash Decoration Collection in the garage. This is a technique in which we think everyone should take advantage: String Window Projection Material or Hollusion Projection Material over the entire mouth of your open garage, then back-project from the inside. It makes a splendid large screen on which to project – and if you play something groovin’ like Mark did, there’s a lot of space to dance in the driveway!

All this makes for an incredible display. But let’s not forget what puts it over the top – the deluge of intense light and color perfectly makes Mark’s Halloween display so visually surreal and stunning. That, of course, and the balloons!

Whether you are showing us how you decorated for Halloween, or how you will do so for Valentine’s Day, either way, we want to see it! (We love it all!) Send us your photos and videos using this simple online form and you might be the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Not only will you earn Kudos for use in the AtmosFX online store with every submission, but if you are selected, you will earn a complete decoration collection!

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