We Survived Son of Monsterpalooza!

Whoa. We are back from Son of Monsterpalooza in Burbank, California – another fantastic horror convention from which we barely survived. Such is the case this time of year … but we wouldn't want it any other way.

We had a lot of highlights during the Sept. 16-18 event, including returning with all of our luggage and realizing our tan lines were not too embarrassing. Mostly, we loved meeting all of the AtmosFREAKS that stopped by to say hello – the many of you who are new to digital decorating, and also our longtime fans. To all of you: thank you!

Another highlight of the event was the exclusive preview of selected scenes from our soon-to-be-released AtmosFX Digital Decoration, “Trick ’r Treat.” More than 150 people crowded around to see three startle scenes and one vignette featuring Sam. Needless to say, the response was very positive to see what Sam has been up to after all these years.

When will “Trick ’r Treat” be available for download, you ask? Soon. Very soon. Certainly before some of the bulkier items in Sam’s sack begin to smell.

As a special treat – or trick – we took more than 300 photos in front of a green screen with Sam and convention goers, including notables like Timmy Cappello (the saxophonist in “The Lost Boys”) and Ben Ploughman (special effects contestant on “Face Off”). How those photos got used – or, more accurately, what parts of our subjects got used – we’ll, you’ll have to see for yourself. We’ve posted the photos in an album on the AtmosFEARfx Facebook page.

We also busted out the dog-and-pony show at Son of Monsterpalooza – dressing-up in our finest AtmosFX t-shirts and delivering a presentation on all-things digital decorating. As many of you know, we think digital decorating is pretty easy, and the set-up can be done really quickly. (You can learn almost anything you need to know by viewing these Tips and Tricks videos here.) Still, we love to talk about this stuff – like the history of AtmosFX, demonstrations of our newest creations, even the origins of digital decoration and its most current uses, like projection mapping on human faces.

As always, we love getting to meet all of the people who are so creative with AtmosFX Digital Decorations – and Son of Monsterpalooza did not disappoint! There was even a plethora of Sam sightings and a Krampus or two as well!

But now the fun is over – we need to get back to work! Halloween is almost here!

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