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World Goth Day Approaches! This May 22! | AtmosFX

World Goth Day Approaches! This May 22!

We are always looking for something to celebrate here at AtmosFX – especially when we get a little melancholy that – sniff – Halloween is still more than five months away!

But, melancholy is just what Doctor Moreau ordered, given that we are celebrating World Goth Day here at AtmosFX. Yes, we are getting in touch with our deep, dark hearts – and loving every bit of it. (We are even offering up our Goth-iest Digital Decoration, Macabre Manor, at a 25% discount this weekend!)

Is World Goth Day a thing, you ask? We don’t kid about this stuff. World Goth Day is May 22, every year, until the sun burns itself out. (Then every day will be Goth Day.) It started as a small event in the United Kingdom in 2009 and each year it has grown to be, uh, still a small event. It wouldn’t be Gothy if it were big, right?

You can learn about World Goth Day at this great website – and, of course, in places like Rolling Stone and Time magazine, too. But who cares about them? Honestly, what really makes this day great is all the people who dare to express themselves in the deep-dark way that makes them feel good. (That, and the opportunity to listen to Bauhaus albums all day long!) There’s a list of events going on this May 22 on the WorldGothDay.com site if you want to join-in on the fun. Just make sure not to smile.

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