Great Ways to use ‘Halloween Hosts’

When guests arrive from far-off places, especially on a special holiday, it is important to invite them in and make them feel welcome. While no one really knows where, exactly, the three strange souls from the Halloween Hosts Digital Decoration Collection came from, it seems wise to make them comfortable. We wouldn’t want to disappoint them!

Certainly, this all-new digital decoration collection doesn’t disappoint. The three characters in the digital decoration – the Brooding Butler, the Fortune Teller and the Ghost Bride – all have many stories to tell. Ones we know you and your Halloween visitors will love. The strange tales each character tells are designed specifically to engage an audience – trick-or-treaters, neighbors, even the Halloween crowd in your driveway.

All to say, when these Halloween Hosts come to your home, we think you’ll want to give them the best seat in the house. We have some ideas for you.

Choosing Your Display Mode(s)

Halloween Hosts is one of AtmosFX’s most ambitious digital decorations in that it aims to keep audience attention for longer stretches of time with compelling stories and audience engagement. It is a lot of content! For that reason, it will be important to first decide where and how you want to display this digital decoration.

Those who have purchased digital decorations from AtmosFX before will notice a difference with Halloween Hosts – instead of selecting the character, you select the display mode. That means, if you plan to project Halloween Hosts in your front window, you will choose “Window/Walls/Hollusion.” Your download will include the Brooding Butler, the Fortune Teller and the Ghost Bride formatted only for windows, walls and Hollusion mode. (No matter what display mode you choose, you’ll also receive a bonus digital decoration featuring all three of the Halloween Hosts together.)

What Display Mode Options Are There?

You will have the option to select Halloween Hosts in the following display modes listed below. Remember, with a $59 purchase you will receive all three Halloween Hosts, plus a bonus decoration where the three characters interact with each other.

  • Window/Wall/Hollusion
  • TV/Monitor
  • 3DFX Form
  • Decorating Disc

What Are the Best Places for ‘Halloween Hosts’?

With its creepy stories and moments of audience engagement, Halloween Hosts is simply perfect for high-traffic areas. Think windows that are near the front door, or maybe an AtmosFX Decorating Disc or 3 hanging in your front window.

For those who own AtmosFX 3DFX Forms – or those who always wanted to get one or more – Halloween Hosts is a great digital decoration for you. This is the first new content for the 3DFX Form in several years. And because the dialogue of Halloween Hosts seeks to engage and hold the attention of those who approach it, you can see why the mannequin-like body form would be especially captivating – say, especially on a walkway leading up to your house, or even the sidewalk where trick-or-treaters pass by.

One thing that is important – because the characters of Halloween Hosts like to tell strange stories, you’ll want to make sure you have the ability to include some kind of amplified sound system. Bluetooth-enabled speakers can work really well here – you’ll want passers-by to be able to hear everything!

What are Some Other Clever Display Ideas?

We know that the ever-growing galaxy of AtmosFANs will discover countless ways to use Halloween Hosts that we have never thought of. (We cannot wait to see them – make sure to send your videos to us!) Naturally, like any AtmosFX Digital Decoration, Halloween Hosts will look great on any wall, ceiling, window – you name it! – that you can find. That said, we have a few additional ideas to get you started.

Create a Hollusion – Hang AtmosFX’s Hollusion Projection Material from a tree, arbor or eave and the Halloween Hosts will materialize when the night becomes dark. Make sure to hang the material so that it nearly touches the ground – your characters appear to be walking on earth!

Make a Table-top Talking Head – For those who prefer the TV/Monitor mode, you’ll see that the Halloween Hosts consist of only the head. Frame a tablet (or a small monitor) and place it on the table where kids grab their trick-or-treat candy. While they are there, they’ll be mesmerized by stories they hear. You can also cover that tablet or monitor with black gauze-like fabric to obscure the shape of the tablet or monitor. The characters will still shine through, creating an even more spooky appearance.

Go Big, ‘Wizard of Oz’-style – Just because you have TV/Monitor decoration doesn’t mean you can’t project it like a Hollusion. Why not hang Hollusion Projection Material high above your house and project the Brooding Butler’s head or even all 3 as large as you can, just like in the Wizard of Oz? We guarantee it will stop traffic!

Consider Motion-Sensor Activated Effects – The Sprite Media Player with Motion Sensor gives you the opportunity to make it appear that your 3DFX Form is alerted to an approaching trick-or-treater! Who knows what the Halloween Hosts might say?

Make Crystal Ball – The projections in Halloween Hosts optimized for the AtmosFX Decorating Disc will come in a circle, which means no matter where you place your disc, you’ll be able to create something that simulates a crystal ball. Or, you can make a “real” one! Check out this DIY creation here.

We know this is only the beginning – how will you decorate with Halloween Hosts Digital Decoration Collection? Show us by sending your photos and videos here!

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