Zombie Outbreak Captured by Crafty AtmosFAN

Valentine’s Day might be all about making hearts aflutter, but sometimes you’ve got to love somebody for their brains. And who does this better than zombies?! They’ve always loved people for their brains!

This week, we set aside Valentine’s Day for a moment, and look back to the previous Halloween. We want to feast on this video we received from Caboolture, Queensland, Australia. Sent to us by Darcelle Lee, this terrific zombie apocalypse scene just sends our hearts racing!

Darcelle tells us that her original plan was to create a maze for Halloween – but COVID-19 put an end to that. So they went to Plan B. And what a Plan B it is! Darcelle instead decided to stage this zombie outbreak scene to amaze people who were walking and driving by.

As you can see, there’s a real benefit to selecting a singular theme, and striving to represent it realistically as possible. (Yes! Zombie outbreaks are real!) For those driving by, you could see how they might be fooled when they first catch a glimpse of the display out of the corner of their eye.

The detail is wonderful – we love the flashing lights, smoke, and hazmat suits. And the back-projection of Zombie Invasion! Digital Decoration works perfectly with the rest of the creation. It does a great job adding motion to the display, which makes it seem even more realistic!

Great job, Darcelle – we love your Plan B! Your zombie outbreak was just the diversion we needed before we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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