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Witch Lurks in Canadian 1-Car Garage | AtmosFX

Witch Lurks in Canadian 1-Car Garage

This week's Freak of the Week takes us to the far west coast of Canada. On Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Barb Landygo has been in the process of building — and re-building — an incredibly detailed witch’s lair in her one-car garage. We love everything about it!

Barb first started setting up a graveyard scene in 2011 at home in Chemainus, BC. Each year her project grew a little bit larger until, at one point, she built a styrofoam mausoleum to house a flying crank ghost. Last October, however; Barb was ready for something new.

She decided to re-purpose the mausoleum to create a stone interior but, beyond that, she wasn't sure what direction to take. Then she discovered the AtmosFX Witching Hour digital decoration. "It cast its spell on me," she says.

As you can see in the video, Barb completed quite an incredible renovation. She rebuilt built the archway and hung Hollusion Projection Material. Next, she projected Witching Hour from behind, making it appear the old crone was in the next room.

Barb also added a wealth of incredible handmade details to her scene. We love the jar of "dead man's toes" which she created from a mold of her own big toe. And, the man-eating plant she crafted is so good, it is deservedly displayed year-round in her living room!

We love what you have done, Barb. Your efforts are definitely Freak-worthy!

- - -

We always want to see your amazing displays! Send your photos and YouTube links to community@atmosfx.com and you could be the next Freak of the Week winner!

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