AtmosFAN Gives son a Birthday Wish He’ll Never Forget

We love all types of window projections – how could we not? But what makes us just a little bit giddy is when we see creative digital decorators break a few rules and project INTO their house. That’s what we call outside-the-box thinking. Or, in Dustin Koehler’s case, it’s outside-the-house thinking.

Anytime we get a video like this, we feel like we got our wish. But we’re not important here. What was important? Dustin was answering a birthday wish from his four-year-old. And what do ALL four-year-olds love? Dinosaurs!


As most parents know, there is always significant rigamarole involved in a planning any four-year-old’s birthday – and Dustin was all-in on the dinosaur-themed party. Dinosaur fossil cake, balloons, toy dinosaur decorations, and then some. But because of the pandemic, Dustin wasn’t able to invite his son’s playmates. In a moment of inspiration, he realized there were others he could invite.

“The thought occurred to me to bring ‘real’ dinosaurs to my backyard,” he says.

Dustin was new to AtmosFX Digital Decorations – this past Halloween and Christmas were the first times he used them as part of his decoration display at his Austin, Texas, home. He says neighbors and passers-by were impressed with his window projections. So why not, for his son’s birthday, use the same technique to project Dinosaur Encounter Digital Decoration Collection into his house?

“The only struggle was the juggling of every other birthday ‘project’ I had going on – I was even making a dinosaur egg piñata at the same time,” Dustin tells us with a laugh. “If I had more time I would have connected speakers inside, but my son didn’t notice or care. Our house must be Jurassic soundproofed!”

Well, the results speak for themselves – Dustin’s son was delighted. “I knew he’d be excited, but didn’t know how he’d interact with the projection,” Dustin says. “He had fun hiding from the raptors and T-Rex, and told me ‘It was awesome.’ It worked out better than I had imagined.”

From our perspective, it looks about as good as you could possibly imagine – and the joy that it brings to Dustin’s son is absolutely infectious. In fact, it’s probably the best time we’ve had at a four-year-old’s birthday party since, uh, maybe ever!

Do you have an outside-the-box way of projecting your AtmosFX Digital Decorations? If so, we want to see what you have cooked up! Send us your photos and videos and you might be the next AtmosFAN of the Week – it is easy to do so using this simple online submission form.

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