AtmosFAN’s Skeleton Crew a Front-Door Greeter

Most folks try to keep their skeletons in the closet, but David M. from Allen Park, Michigan, has his front and center, where it greets trick-or-treaters at his doorway. It’s an important task during Halloween – will this front-door greeter be able to keep its head in the game?
But, before we get to David’s doorway, let’s talk about the whole presentation. The entire scene is awash in a hauntingly beautiful purple glow, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that extends from the porch to the yard. This strategic use of colored lighting not only sets the mood but also highlights the many skeletal motifs scattered throughout the display … which David embraces with gusto!

We love the assortment of bony creatures, from the traditional human type to more unexpected varieties. The fish skeletons swimming through his yard is a particularly clever touch, adding a surreal element to the scene and extending the theme beyond the typical graveyard fare.

Of course, this isn’t your average static skeleton decoration. David has placed Window Projection Material in his doorway, and then projects the Bone Chillers 2 Decoration Collection onto it. David has created a DIY “doorway mode” display of sorts – using the strong vertical projection space to make it appear a bone-headed skeleton is standing in the doorway.

And it looks great! Trick-or-treaters at David’s Halloween home are treated to a strange performance of a skeleton who appears to be showing off, removing its skull for a bit of juggling. When it inevitably drops its cranium, the bony jester embarks on a comical search. What happens? Well … you’ll just have to download Bone Chillers 2 to see. Suffice it to say, it’s the kind of whimsical touch that turns casual onlookers into captivated audiences.

“Many people are stopping to look at the decorations and the video, and are telling many more people to stop by my house to see the Halloween decorations,” David tells us.

Have you used AtmosFX Decorations to bring spooky characters to life? We’d love to see your creations! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online form – you might just become our next AtmosFAN of the Week and inspire Halloween enthusiasts around the world. Every entry earns points to be used in the AtmosFX online store, and every winner earns a free decoration collection!

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