An AtmosFAN's Master Class in Window Projection

Christmas may be over, but we’re doing our best to squeeze every last drop out of this joyful season. (Heck! With any luck, we'll still have some remaining Christmas dinner in the fridge well into February.)

Before we dive into the leftovers, we want to show you a display from Shawn Gusz that is decidedly first-course. With some spectacularly large windows in the front of his home, Shawn has created something of a window-projection master class. Using five projectors and some custom-built frames for his windows, he’s been able to create an incredibly sharp presentation at his Guelph, Ontario, home.

Windows are the most popular use of AtmosFX Decorations, given how quickly and easily they can transform a house or storefront. Shawn’s display is a clear example of this. Shawn has set up his highest lumen count projectors in areas where he really needs them, like his trio of front windows. As you can see, his display of Santa’s Workshop (above) and Night Before Christmas (below) decoration collections are crystal clear.

How Shawn set up his projection materials in his window is another key factor in the success of his the presentation. Over the years, Shawn tried several types of reusable materials on his windows. But this year he decided to custom-build projection frames for each window he was using.

Each window frame was made from 1x2-inch pine lumber, screwed and glued, and then a six-mil frosted shower curtain was wrapped, stretched and stapled to the frame. (Shameless plug: We also think AtmosFX Window Projection Material XL will work too, especially for large windows.) Once each frame was completed, he attached self-adhesive felt pads to the sides of each frame, ensuring each one stays snug in the window with tension only.

“It’s a time and money investment up front to build the frames, but over the long term it is very worth it,” Shawn tells us. “Better image quality, and quick installation in the future.”

For those of you who want to see more of Shawn’s display, he has put together a behind-the-scenes video that provides a peek. We love the detail. And knowing that he puts together an even larger display each Halloween (with approximately 4,000 weekly visitors), we’re looking forward to checking-back in 2019! Thank you Shawn for sharing your holiday spirit!

How do YOU celebrate the holidays? There’s a lot of holiday cheer left to spread around, and you can start by sending us photos, videos and YouTube links to this simple online submission form. Like the candied yam we’ve still been enjoying since Thanksgiving, we’ll keep feasting as long as we can!

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