AtmosFAN Creates a New Look for an Old Classic

Since this gallery of creepy kinsfolk was first unveiled, UnLiving Portraits continues to be an inspiration to AtmosFANS. For more than six years, fans have been finding mesmerizing new ways to love these unlovable feuding relatives.

For this reason, we were quite taken with the simple elegance of Scott McLean's recent video submission, where by simply placing his display on an easel adds to the already stunning visual impact.

Scott was able to build his presentation with used and second-hand items he found around his Almont, Michigan, home. "I used a second-hand monitor with a donated Mini Mac," he says. "I bought a used, broken picture frame and built a mounting frame for the monitor."

He then attached the whole assembly to an antique easel he had sitting around. While nothing fancy, it is the easel that really makes this work. With the power cord cleverly hidden, this stand-alone display subtly puts the viewer at ease, reinforcing the idea that this could only be a static portrait of a long-lost relative.

Then, as is the case with UnLiving Portraits, things change.

Scott tells us that this creation will be a part of a funeral scene on which he is working for this upcoming Halloween. As a member of the 52,000-member All Things Halloween Facebook group, he's been able to show-off his creation – getting both high praise for his efforts, as well as continued inspiration. In fact, it was in this Facebook group that Scott first learned of AtmosFX just one year ago.

"I’m inspired by other member’s decorations and what they have shared," Scott says of the group, "and I have shared mine as well."

For those unfamiliar with UnLiving Portraits, the digital decoration can be presented in numerous ways. The three portraits can be displayed individually, as Scott has done using "Withering Heights: Gentleman" individual scene. Or you can display two or three portraits together and they will appear to interact with one another.

Over the years we've seen AtmosFANS take multiple creative approaches to UnLiving Portraits: One fan displayed all three in separate tabletop picture frames, another cut three holes in a matte, framed it, and hung it on a wall. One AtmosFAN even built an entire false wall in their entryway to house their display!

And now with Scott's version, we have another captivating way to honor these awful ancestors! Great work, Scott!

No matter where and how you use your AtmosFX Digital Decorations, we want to see it! Send your photos or YouTube links to, and make sure to put "AtmosFAN of the Week" in the subject line. Or, better yet, use our online submission form on our newly created AtmosFAN Hall of Fame page!

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