AtmosFAN Brings Digital Decorations to Work

One of the many things we like about AtmosFX office culture: Every day feels like Halloween, no matter what time of year. And that is exactly why we were so enthused about Bryan Lake's recent video he posted to the Facebook Group Haunter's Hangout. Bryan brought a little mischievous Halloween spirit into his Roseburg, Oregon, office.

As a relatively recent convert to digital decorating, Bryan will be the first to tell you that he didn't create anything earth-shatteringly new. He was inspired by this post on the blog, "he deserves all the credit," Bryan says. When Amazon fortuitously had a Kindle Fire three-pack sale as part of its Prime Day event, Bryan was ready to give it a shot.


Of course, the malevolent family members of UnLiving Portraits have been a favorite of AtmosFANs since its release in 2012. Search YouTube and you'll you can be inspired by numerous variations of the digital decorations: From from Jason Rosete's use as a prank, to Scott Moore's single frame that houses all three portraits, to Ingo Heydkamp's false wall that hides full-size monitors.

In Bryan's case, he chose to create something simple – and the results are fantastic. After purchasing UnLiving Portraits and the Kindle Fire three-pack, Bryan says he used Final Cut Pro to copy the scenes and ensure they were all the same length. (Note: Video-editing software isn’t necessary – when the individual scenes are started at the same time, they will appear to interact with each other.) Then, he loaded the scenes to each Kindle Fire, using a program called Looper to ensure they played seamlessly over and over again. Then, he bought three inexpensive frames at the local art supply store, and he was ready to change the office dynamic.

How did it go over in the office? "At first they don’t notice anything," Bryan says. "I have the volume turned down low, but then once they finally realize that the pictures are interacting, they absolutely love them."

Bryan posted his video on Haunter's Hangout, and the response was great. In fact, he's already been able to offer tips to other members of the Facebook group. He's also a member of similar groups, too, like AtmosFX Fanatics and Home Haunters’ Halloween Haven.

"I am amazed at the amount of creative talent in Haunter’s Hangout and how much people love what they do," Bryan says. "They have been so welcoming and patient for newcomers and beginners such as myself. I’m so glad to be a part of that community."

We're glad you're a part of the community, too, Bryan! We are inspired by you and so many other creative AtmosFANs who love to share their ideas. We also love your willingness to take us to work with you!


Have you been tinkering with new ways to display AtmosFX Digital Decorations? There are countless Halloween fans ready to be inspired! Send photos and YouTube links to and you may be our next featured decorator. Make sure to put "AtmosFAN of the Week" in the subject line.

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