It’s All Working at AtmosFAN’s Halloween Home

It is easy to get excited about fog machines, inflatables and massive Halloween projections. But one of the reasons we truly love decorating for the season is the community it so often brings together. That is exactly what happened at Jessica R.’s Sayreville, New Jersey, home – her Halloween display brought hundreds of neighbors together for a fun October 31!

Hundreds? Actually, way more than that. “I was awarded first place for the city’s recreational Halloween decorating contest and received a pumpkin trophy along with a gift card and recognition on the city’s website,” Jessica tells us. “We had between 800-1000 people stop by the house.”

It’s easy to see what brought everyone together. We’ll start with the massive surface mode projection of Witching Hour Decoration Collection above the garage. The outsized crone conjuring spells certainly lets everyone know that something unusual is going on at this particular house. But isn’t that what witches do – lure children to their lair?

Of course, there’s nothing but good going on at Jessica’s Halloween lair. There’s great color throughout, and well-placed animatronics on the porch. We see window projections of Tricks and Treats and Inferno decoration collections (among others) in the window. And, of course, the 360-degree panorama of the scene allows us to get a good look at the easy (and clever) projector covers Jessica uses to hide – and protect – her projectors.The three AtmosFX 3DFX Forms are a worthy centerpiece, too. Jessica’s got the three chatty ghosts from the Boo Crew Decoration Collection greeting those who visit from afar.And for something a little more mysterious – her Hollusion Mode projection on the nearby garden arch is quite well done. The Hollusion Projection Material has nearly disappeared, allowing the Headless Horseman from Legends of Halloween Decoration Collection to seemingly appear out of thin air.

“A lot of people wanted to know how I did it,” Jessica says. “Best Halloween ever!”

It’s not too early to start thinking about your upcoming Halloween display! Send us your photos and videos of previous Halloweens, or maybe something you are currently working on for this upcoming October. Each submission will earn you Kudos for use in the AtmosFX online store, and those selected as AtmosFAN of the Week will receive a complete decoration collection of their choice!

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