AtmosFAN Creates House-sized Holiday Card

Come late January, we are always looking to extend the spirit of Christmas a little bit longer into the winter. And given the current chilly temperatures in much of the United States, who couldn't use a little more holiday warmth?

We turn to the holiday display of Eric Cahill and family at his Escondido, Calif., home.

Sure, a little southern California winter sunshine always appeals. But what we really love is his twist on a typical holiday display. In addition to using Santa's Workshop and Winter Wonderland in traditional window displays, Eric loaded old holiday videos into iMovie, and projected them too. The result is essentially a giant dynamic Christmas card delighting neighbors and friends on his front window.

We'll state the obvious here: There is no reason why you can't project other things onto AtmosFX Window Projection Material XL, like old holiday videos and photos, as Eric did. He says both the family and the neighbors loved seeing the old movies.

Eric has been using AtmosFX Digital Decorations for about five years. He also decorates for Halloween and Valentine's Day. You can't see it from the video, but Eric says he keeps his Window Projection Material affixed to his windows, and his projectors remain on rolling carts so he can move them into place quickly and easily. He says the whole setup took about five minutes to deploy.

This is great stuff, Eric. We are strong supporters of digital decorating because it turns holidays into such special events for community, for neighbors – and for family. Eric's Christmas display is such a great example of that!


It may be January, but we know there are many more displays to see! Show us how you have been using our digital decorations to celebrate the holidays – any holiday! – and you may be our next featured decorator! Send photos or YouTube links to, making sure to put "AtmosFAN of the Week" in the subject line.


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