AtmosFAN Turns Garage Door into Haunted Mausoleum

For good reason, we’ve seen a lot of great uses of AtmosFX Decorations on garage doors. It is a large canvas, of course, onto which you can easily project just about anything. (We’ve seen some pretty masterful large-scale uses of Paranormal Passage Decoration Collection, for example.) But then we saw what Jason Miller, of Brentwood, Calif., did with his garage door. We were impressed!

“I had an idea of making a mausoleum wall out of our garage door, but I wanted something a little different than what I had seen done by other people,” Jason tells us. “I also knew I wanted to incorporate AtmosFX Decorations somehow.”

Using two 42-inch TVs, four 4-foot-by-8-foot sheets of inch-thick Foamular foam insulation, and two 2-inch-by-2-inch wood frames, Jason created his mausoleum wall in stunning fashion. And, in our humble opinion, the two cut-outs featuring AtmosFX’s Eerie Eyes Decoration Collection makes it unlike anything else.

Jason installed the four foam panels in front of his garage door, making sure to leave enough space for the TVs so he could close the garage door behind it. The wood frames (not shown) keep the panels together, as well as holding the TVs safely in place. For the detail, Jason used a rotary tool with a small router bit to cut the grout lines, and a V-cut router bit to cut the names and dates. (He got the names of the deceased from the ‘Simpsons’ television show.) Lastly, came the paint. “The whole thing took about a week just because I wasn’t working on it every day,” he says, “but could easily be done in just a couple days with some dedication.”

Jason even cut two thin pieces of plywood that slips between the TV screen and the back of the insulation foam, protecting the monitors when they are not in use, or when the weather gets nasty.

Here’s another thing we love: Jason is a relatively new convert – this is only his second year using AtmosFX Decorations. He first discovered Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree Decoration Collection while searching online for something unique. “That created a little obsession and I started trying to outdo myself from then on,” he says. “It’s worked out pretty well so far.”

The hundreds of people who stop by to see his creations would certainly agree. In fact, Jason says he has a friendly competition with his neighbor during both the Halloween and Christmas holidays, where the two compete for the best displays. People linger all evening, watching the displays and enjoying the free hot chocolate Jason’s children provide on weekend nights. The result of that ‘friendly competition’ benefits the entire community – and isn’t community what Halloween is all about?

Great work, Jason! We love your clever mausoleum wall. And more importantly, we love how you and your family build community though your creations!

We love being inspired by the photos and videos of our incredible AtmosFANs. What have you created for Halloween? Inspire others by sending us your photos or YouTube video links using this simple online submission form!

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