Dedicated Couple Turns U.K. Halloween into Huge Event

This week, we return to the more frightening things in life with another AtmosFAN of the Week. Our newest Freaks hail from New Alresford, United Kingdom, about two hours southwest of London. Colin and Fiona Isaacs crafted a clever way to display Eerie Eyes in the windshield of their car – and raised money for local charities in the process.

For several years, Colin and Fiona had been trying to host a Halloween event at their home. But the in the UK, the night doesn't have the wide appeal it does in the U.S. — at least not yet. "We sat outside the first year in costumes, not realizing you had to put a lit pumpkin outside, otherwise the children pass you by," Colin recalls. "We were wondering why we had so many sweets left over that year."

Now, in their second year of using AtmosFX, the Isaacs no longer have that problem. "Now we don’t have enough sweets," Colin jokes.

The two have been turning Halloween night into a benefit for two of their local charities: the Youth Cancer Trust in Bournemouth and the Murray Parish Trust in Southampton. Colin cooks hot dogs and Fiona hands out candy. Colin says they raised £2,000 last year, all of which was donated voluntarily from neighbors stopping by to celebrate.

Of course, what first got our attention was Colin's unique application of Eerie Eyes. Colin parked the car in front of his house, making it appear to be abandoned. Then, to get the effect to display onto his windshield, he adhered garden fabric frost protector to it. (The semi-opaque material works similarly to AtmosFX Window Projection Material.) Colin placed the projector on the shelf behind the passenger seats, left the windows open to make sure the projector didn’t overheat and turned the hazard lights on. Needless to say, it attracted quite an audience.

Colin and Fiona employed numerous other creepy effects, including smoke machines, animatronics, an AtmosFX 3DFX Form, and more. Colin also puts together a looping projection map display at the back of his house, where many of the night's guests socialize. As you can see, Paranormal Passage looks great!

For all this effort and holiday enthusiasm, we crown Colin and Fiona Isaacs as our newest AtmosFANs of the Week. We love seeing digital decorations in surprising places and an "abandoned" car certainly qualifies. 

Moreover, we love how they've built a community event — doing great work for children's charities in the process. That's always AtmosFAN-worthy!

We know there are many, many more AtmosFANs of the Week out there! Displays can celebrate Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day (hint hint), just about anything! Send your photos and YouTube links to and you could be the next one honored!

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