Zombie Containment Unit Busy at Comic-Con

It is hard to make a big impression at San Diego's Comic-Con – arguably the largest and most important conference of its kind. But that’s exactly what AtmosFX did – with a little help from a vanload of subdued zombies.

The AtmosFX team, of course, was also promoting Zombie Invasion! Decoration Collection, one of our creepiest decorations. And with the help of our “Zombie Containment Unit” roaming the streets of San Diego, convention-goers gobbled-up our little stunt like zombies at a brain buffet.

We tricked-out our “Zombie Containment Unit” with four different projectors each displaying a different decoration on our back and side windows, plus a stereo system that allowed us to crank out some truly horrifying sound effects. It was one of the coolest mobile projection vehicles on the road.

The press ate it up, including the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune. So did the convention-goers, as well as anyone else who saw us rolling along.

To see how we created our “Zombie Containment Unit,” and to see the reactions of the Comic-Con participants who encountered it, click on the video below.

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