Great Ways to Use ‘Season of the Witch’

When it comes to Halloween, it’s hard to think of the holiday and not also think of witches. They’re inextricably linked together, like Jekyll and Hyde, Goobers and Raisinets, Salem and … uh, you get the idea.

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Sure, Halloween is also the time of ghosts, monsters and other nighttime creatures. But witches seem to have a unique hold on this time of year. And we think we know why. With magic at their fingertips, these mysterious beings behave in ways that, for us mortals, are sometimes good, and sometimes not. You never know what you’ll get when you encounter a witch – and that unknowing is a big part of the thrill!

What we do know is that AtmosFX’s most recent release will also give you and your October visitors quite a thrill. Season of the Witch Decoration Collection features multiple scenes and decoration modes that will captivate kids and adults alike, as a decrepit old witch utters bewildering spells, levitates objects, and rides her broom upon the autumn winds.

Those familiar with AtmosFX’s large catalog of Halloween decorations will notice that this is the second decoration collection featuring a witch – 2015’s Witching Hour being the first. The first decoration was known for its songs and a more playful, even cartoonish style. Season of the Witch is gently scarier – the animation is more realistic, some moments have a more ominous feel, and there are even some startle scares. Still, we are certain that everyone who comes to your Halloween decoration display will find Season of the Witch spellbinding, no matter their age.

So, what’s the best way to display Season of the Witch? We have a few good ideas for you.

Effects Take Flight as Hollusions

We know that no matter how you display Season of the Witch, it is going to look positively enchanting. But, in particular, we think the decoration is practically made for Hollusion Projection Material. After all, what are witches known for? They’re known for making objects appear and vanish in thin air, and riding brooms on the evening winds. In both cases, Hollusion Projection Material will make all this look incredibly real.

For those unfamiliar, Hollusion Projection Material is a dark, mesh-like material that practically disappears into the darkness when the lights get low. But even as the material becomes almost invisible in the dark, it can still effectively capture and display an image from the projector.

In the case of Season of the Witch, that means when you project on Hollusion Projection Material, it will truly look like the old crone has made a jack-o’-lantern magically levitate in thin air. Or, perhaps even more excitingly, it will appear as though the witch is flying through the night on her broom! If you have the opportunity to place your Hollusion Projection Material up high, such as your rooftop or some tree limbs, you can make it appear that a witch is hovering above your Halloween visitors – what an amazing impact that will have on your decoration display!

The Witch Belongs on Walls and Windows

Season of the Witch also looks great on your walls and windows.

One of the easiest ways to create a captivating effect is to simply display on a wall – any large uncluttered surface will work, indoors or out. Depending on which individual decorations you use will inform how you might display them on a wall. For instance, the “Frightful Flights” individual decoration from Season of the Witch will look great projected outside the house, preferably up high. Again, you’ll create the effect that a witch is riding her broom, back-and-forth, high above your decoration display. Trick-or-treaters will be able to see it from the other side of the block!

Other individual decorations within Season of the Witch, like “Supernatural Spells” and “Toil and Trouble,” look great on walls at eye level. In these scenes, the witch is often conjuring spells or performing other magical acts of mischief. These will look particularly great against your house (or garage door), often in the background. Set up your props, animatronics and lights in the foreground, and then display the old crone on the wall behind them. Make sure to adjust your projector so that the witch is roughly life size – this will ensure that the display looks even more realistic!

Projecting on Window Projection Material in your window is an extremely popular way to display any AtmosFX Decoration, and is sure to be the case with Season of the Witch, too. Just place the material in your window and project the decoration from inside your home. Trick-or-treaters and other passers-by will come to believe the old witch is, for example, creaking in her rocking chair in your living room, giving menacing looks to all those who dare to peer inside.

Put a Witch in the Corner

Don’t forget that there are other bewitching ways to display Season of the Witch, like displaying on a TV, Computer Monitor or tablet, or even the AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL. And it doesn’t have to be just in a corner – any space that needs some decoration attention will work.

For example, Season of the Witch has been optimized for the Decorating Disc XL – meaning the decoration can be presented in a circular format. Hang the disc in the corner of your living room during a party, at the end of the dark hallway, or even in your window. When you project Season of the Witch onto it, everyone will see the old crone conjuring a coven of fellow sorcerers, or flying on her broom through the night. The Decorating Disc XL is extremely lightweight, so it can be hung just about anywhere – even outside – try taking it outside and hang from a tree limb to really get some attention!

You can also display Season of the Witch on any television or computer monitor – heck, if they are going unused during a party or get-together, why not display something captivating on them?

But if you really want to create a cool Halloween artifact or prop, do what so many decorators are doing these days: Display an AtmosFX Decoration on a tablet, digital picture frame or unused smartphone and place it in a location where someone will least expect it. We’ve seen tons of clever decorators do so in old dollhouses – imagine how spooky it would be with a miniature witch inside, toiling away at her cauldron?

Indeed, the options are endless with the Season of the Witch Decoration Collection – and we know clever decorators will think of thousands of additional ways to use it this Halloween. After all, they don’t call October “the season of the witch” for nothing!

How do you use Season of the Witch in your Halloween display? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form and we will post some of our favorite examples!

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