Massive Holiday Window Display from AtmosFAN

Now that we are more than Halfway to Christmas, it seems about right to spend a moment to reflect on the outsize Christmas decorations that, each year, invariably fill our proverbial stockings with elf dust. And with that in mind, we bring you an AtmosFAN that goes by the Instagram handle JBSEATTLE, from Lake Forest Park, Washington.

Don’t get us wrong – we love decorators that create massive holiday displays that contain a whole lot of everything. But there’s just something to love about how JBSEATTLE does a great job taking one thing, and doing it incredibly well.

If you don’t quite see what we are talking about in the image above, then here’s another.

Kidding! Of course you couldn’t have missed it – we are talking about massive window projection at the front of JBSEATTLE’s home! It’s as though a digital billboard was placed in the driveway, expressly to celebrate the holiday season. And we think it looks great. With so many people decorating for the season, this is one sure way to make sure a Christmas display doesn’t look like anyone else’s in the entire neighborhood.

Of course, it helps to have a large set of windows at the front of your home. But why not take advantage of it? Just string up some Window Projection Material across the glass, and back-project your favorite Christmas-themed AtmosFX Decoration onto it. (Obviously, you could also do the same for any other holiday, like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Independence Day.)

That’s the Christmas Carolers Decoration Collection in the first image, and Winter Wonderland Decoration Collection in the second. JBSEATTLE does a great job projecting the AtmosFX Decorations crisply – it is truly hard to take your eyes off of them.

And especially in the case of Christmas Carolers, we love that you can hear the soundtrack. Bluetooth speakers (such as the AtmosSONIC Bluetooth Speaker by Phillips) are essential for any digital decoration display, but especially when you are projecting from inside the house. This way, the projector can broadcast the soundtrack via Bluetooth to the speaker outside, where all the passersby can hear it.

And given this massive and mesmerizing display, there are certain to be plenty of passersby!

How did you decorate this past holiday season? What are you working on for the future? We want to see your displays, indoors and out! Send them to us using this simple online submission form, and you may be crowned the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Everyone who enters earns Kudos for use in the AtmosFX online store, and winners earn a free decoration collection of their choice.

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