Three More Clever AtmosFAN Holiday Displays

This time of year, who doesn’t love stocking stuffers? Or different varieties of Christmas cookies? Well, we’ve got another large selection of bite-size goodness: Three more holiday displays from clever AtmosFANs that are unique, easy to create – and always inspiring! Check them out here!

Ricardo T. – Las Vegas, Nevada

Ricardo T. puts Hollusion Projection Material to great use – what better way to make sure Santa and his bag of toys makes a visit to his Las Vegas home? And here’s the best part – with Santa’s Sleigh Ride Decoration, he knows Santa Claus will be there every night!

Matt S. – Clarksville, Tennessee

Some people just like to do Christmas a little bit different – and we support that! “I’ve been looking for a way to do something spooky for Christmas for a long time,” Matt S. tells us. “Marley’s Ghost was just what I needed to create something that was both Christmas-y and spooky.”

Brice G. – Clerey, Aube, France

We realize Celebrations Party Time isn’t technically a Christmas decoration, but longtime AtmosFAN Brice G. has always put his Christmas Village display to great use. “Between Halloween and Christmas there is my wife's birthday, at the end of November,” he tells us. “It is therefore necessary that Halloween be dismantled and before finishing the decorations in December, I find a compromise for this occasion.”

How are you decorating for the holiday season? We want to see your displays, indoors and out! Send them to us using this simple online submission form, and you may be crowned the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Everyone who enters earns Kudos for use in the AtmosFX online store, and winners earn a free decoration collection of their choice.


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