AtmosFAN Adds Pizazz to Countertop Display

Sometimes you come across a display that is so simple, yet so effective, you wonder why everyone doesn't do something just like it. That's what we thought when we came across Robie Pace's framed display of the Enchanted Snowman Digital Decoration.

We admit, when we think of framed digital decorations, we most often think of the feuding family members of UnLiving Portraits. After all, it is probably the most popular use of a framed digital decoration. Over the years, we have seen some incredibly elaborate presentations (like full-size television monitors built into walls, then framed), and we've seen some incredibly simple ones (like framed tablets placed atop a workplace desk). Either way, the displays look great!

So, when we saw Robie's display using Enchanted Snowman in his Benton, Kentucky, home, it raised an obvious question – why can't you frame any digital decoration, any time of year? Of course you can! If you have a tablet and a frame that fits it, in a matter of minutes you can create a decorative centerpiece for any celebration – Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, anything!

Robie tells us that his wife has a small collection of snowman decorations, which she displays each year during Christmas. When he came across the Enchanted Snowman, he knew that it could be a dynamic addition to his wife's display. He simply took an iPad and loaded the digital decoration onto it, then placed it into a frame. Done!

"This was the first time for me to use one of your digital decorations in this manner," Robie says. "However, it will not be the last. Once I saw the reactions from our guests to the very entertaining snowman magically living inside the picture frame, my creative juices began to flow."

Robie is no stranger when it comes to creating larger displays. Each Halloween, he wows his neighborhood with a big outdoor display, including a "pumpkin mode" display with Jack-o'-Lantern Jamboree, and multiple window displays, including Boo Crew and Halloween Monster Bash. "While we enjoy the big displays that most AtmosFX fans associate with your seasonal digital decorations," Robie told us, "the Enchanted Snowman caused me to consider using your projections in smaller, more unconventional ways throughout the year."

Well Robie, we can't wait to see the other unconventional ways you use AtmosFX Digital Decorations that you come up with! And that goes for the hundreds of thousands of AtmosFANs out there, too! In what unconventional ways do you use them? We've got Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter fast approaching – we'd love to see your photos and videos showing how you use AtmosFX Digital Decorations to celebrate these holidays! Just submit them here – it is fast and easy!

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