AtmosFAN Delivers Big With Projection Map Display

Each year, we see more and more mind-blowing projection mapping displays. What is projection mapping, you ask? In the case of Brian Miller of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, it is the process of turning the facade of his entire house into one giant horrific Halloween display.

To be sure, it isn't just projection mapping. Brian has seven projectors and four audio systems going at one time, which he turns on for one day only – Halloween. That includes the singing pumpkins of Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree and a mannequin that features Brian's wife's head. (It's just a projection – don't worry!)

But the real showstopper is Brian's projection mapping display. Projection mapping is the technique of projecting onto something other than a flat, white screen to create a three-dimensional effect. Using software – some free, some for purchase – you can create multiple effects on one large, unusual “canvas,” like the entire facade of Brian's house. (Click here to read Projection Mapping 101.) We love that extra detail how he mapped the crosses and gravestones in the foreground!

In Brian's case, he combined several AtmosFX Digital Decorations (including Night Stalkers and Blood Walls in the video above) using Adobe After Effects to create the clips and various animations. After the clips are rendered, he put it all together in Final Cut Pro. Then, he set-up his 7000-lumen short-throw Panasonic projector in front of his house and ran the 10-minute show. "I have been using these programs for about five years," Brian says. "I have spent quite some time learning the software and what it can do, and I’m only scratching the surface of what's possible."

Brian built temperature-controlled weatherproof lock box to house his projector. It even has a heater and thermostat in it – keeping the projector safe from the cold and rainy Halloweens in this northern coastal British Columbia town. That lock box also comes in handy for Brian's equally compelling Christmas display, which he keeps up for the entire month.

The city turns off the streetlight? That's above-and-beyond. Just like your Halloween display, Brian! Great work!

How do you use AtmosFX Digital decorations to celebrate Halloween, Christmas – or even your love for Star Trek? Send us your photos or YouTube links to – we want to share your work with other AtmosFANs!

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