AtmosFAN Creates Big Time Outdoor Display

For the same reason we love drive-in movie screens, we love the sides of houses and garage doors. Why? They are two GIANT canvases on which to project digital decorations. If you have this amount of space available, why wouldn’t you want to use every last inch?

That’s why we love what Michael Maus is doing. He’s taking advantage of the largest spaces on his Charlotte, North Carolina, home to create Halloween digital displays that aren’t just big – they’re next level big!

Let’s start with something that many homeowners have – a garage door. That’s really an outdoor projection screen, right? Michael certainly thinks so – and he’s done a great job projecting Zombie Invasion! Digital Decoration onto it.


Garage doors are great because they’re super-easy to either front project (leave the garage door down and project directly onto it), or back project. As Michael shows in his video, he’s back projecting. That means he’s opened his garage door and hung a large semi-opaque tarp (Window Projection Material works well) across the opening. Then, he set his projector inside the garage – keeping it safe from the elements. The projection is crystal clear – so much so, Michael says that a few people have asked if they can go inside and meet the actors.

And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t gush praise over the barricade he built in front of the garage! (Another reason to back project in this instance – the barricade doesn’t get in the way of the projection.)

If that wasn’t enough, take a look at what Michael was able to create on one side of his house.

Having this much space on the back of the house isn’t always as common – both in the amount of wall space on which to project, but also in the amount of space for people to gather and watch a digital display. Michael takes advantage of both.

Here, Michael has built a clever large-scale display using UnLiving Portraits Digital Decoration. That he’s able to present the three “paintings” at this size and scale is really dramatic – and the three-dimensional aspect really helps, too.

Of course, he’s added a few surprises by tucking Phantasms, Creepy Crawlies 2, and Blood Walls digital decorations behind the portraits. While that’s a lot of digital decorations in one spot, Michael does a great job making sure his display isn’t too busy. That keeps the audience focused on the feuding family portraits, and then the other decorations add a few surprises. And that, of course, keeps everyone sticking around to see what’s next.

“I usually have several children sit down in the yard and watch the video instead of trick-or-treating,” Michael tells us. “I even had a dog decide to chase the mice at the bottom of the projection one evening.”

Great stuff, Michael! We love how you have displayed your digital decorations on such a grand scale!

Do you have a large-scale digital display like Michael? If so, what are you working on? Share your photos and videos of your creative Halloween ideas using this easy form. Not only will you inspire others, but you just might become the next AtmosFAN of the Week!

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