Comic-Con Recap

Team AFX is back in Seattle after an awesome week down in San Diego. To bring a taste of Comic-Con to those of you that couldn’t make it to the show, we’ve been sorting through tons of pictures and combing the internet to see who spotted us in action.

Here are some of the highlights:

Rocking the Con

We took footage from the event and cut together a short video to recap what we were doing down in San Diego. Check it out to see everything from setting up our epic Zombie Containment Unit van to the real-life zombies we created to hand out our zombie survival tips.

L.A. Times

One of the guys from the L.A. Times grabbed this great shot of Cameron trying to keep Emily and Paul on their leashes. Don’t worry – no one got eaten at the con. By us, at least.

San Diego Union Tribune

Paul shows off his pearly yellows for the San Diego Union Tribune while a sickly-looking Pete stares into the distance.

An Interview With Clark Kent

On Saturday, Pete got interviewed by Clark Kent himself! Check out what he (and zombie Paul) have to say.

But, Wait...There's More!

Emily and Paul can also be seen on, the official Mythbusters blog. Sweeeet.

To see even more shots from our trip, check out our official Flickr photostream and this gallery of fan-captured photos from the convention

We’re really excited to have had the opportunity to hit the road and show off Zombie Invasion! Don’t forget that we’re still taking pre-orders, so be sure to reserve your copy today!

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