This AtmosFAN’s Halloween Display Has a Different Type of Monster

As much as we love traditional Halloween decoration displays, we really love Halloween decoration displays that are just a little bit different. And if it includes dinosaurs? Done deal!

That’s the beauty of Chad Dunning’s display at his Muskego, Wisconsin, home – it is, at once, ahead of its time and 200 million years behind it.

Of course, there's more to like about Chad's Halloween display beyond the fact that it breaks the rules. For starters, you can never go wrong with lighting like this – it makes everything pop. And who doesn't love green? It is a very Jurassic color choice, after all.

Chad gets high points for his three screens using Hollusion Projection Material and the Dinosaur Encounter Digital Decoration Collection, too. He's done a great job hiding the "light spill" from the projectors, which makes the images of the dinosaurs really come to life.

Of the three Hollusion Projection Material screens that Chad set up, the two on the end blend in really nicely with the dark surroundings. The one in the middle – featuring the Tyrannosaurus rex – you can see the frame that supports the Hollusion material. The reason for this is clear – the brilliantly lighted home behind it makes it stand out. But in our opinion, the effect still works great. After all, the larger the projection screen, and the more prominently placed it is, the harder it will be to hide. But the impact you get is absolutely worth it!

Chad's neighbors seem to think so, too. Even though it took him only a half-day to set up, he tells us the neighbors said it was the best-decorated home in his subdivision. And if that weren't enough, Chad also used his Halloween dinosaur spectacle to raise money for the American Liver Foundation. Another win!

Do you like to decorate your home for Halloween in unusual ways? How about any other holiday? We want to see how you do it – and so does the rest of this creative digital decorating community! Send your photos and videos using this easy form – you might be the next AtmosFAN of the Week!

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