A Look Back at Halloween (13 Times)

OK. We’ve taken a deep breath, and have caught up on our sleep. Halloween, for us, was soooooo good – and we hope it was for you, too.

Since Halloween we’ve been awash in videos and photos of Halloween displays that were, quite simply, mind-blowing. We just love seeing the incredibly creative ways you all deploy AtmosFX Digital Decorations – this is exactly why we do what we do.

And we know you all would like to see them, too. So we put together 13 of our favorite videos we have received since Halloween. We’ll still be honoring AtmosFANs of the Week in the upcoming months, so keep an eye out for that – and some of these might just achieve that honor. But until then, we thought you’d also like to geek-out on some of the Halloween displays we’ve been loving so much.

Primo Promo to Lure Visitors

    1. Robert Rich - Haunting on Sage River Ct

The Definitive Haunting ‘How-To’

    2. Timo Fischer - My Halloween House 2016 with AtmosFEARfx

Totally Cool User Interface

    3. Ashu Gholkar - Totally Cool Interface

Garage-Door Size Hollusion

    4. Ivan Marasca - Halloween 2016

Haunting Outside the U.S.

    5. Simon Christou - Witch Haunt 2016 - Zombie Outbreak

Maxed-Out Projection Mapping

    6. Greg Arenburg - Halloween 2016 Projection Mapping Loop

    7. Mads Kruce - Halloween House Projection 2016 HD

Six Massive Colorful Displays

    8. Jason Duggan - Haunted House

    9. Rick Rafferty - Haunted Halloween House

    10. David Resavage - Dave's Waltzing Skeletons Halloween 2016

    11. Cristina Brandenburg - Brandenburg Halloween 2016

    12. Jim Ferguson - 2016 Halloween Zombies

    13. Jason Fraga  - 2016 Halloween

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