Great Ways to Decorate with ‘Happy Thanksgiving’

As Thanksgiving approaches, we know so many of you are preparing to host friends and family for the long weekend – what a great way to give thanks and celebrate the joys of community. As you prep for the weekend, be confident that you can take one chore off the list – decorating. It can be done quickly and easily with Happy Thanksgiving Decoration – a pleasantly tranquil AtmosFX Decoration that is perfect for the day.

AtmosFAN Robert Holland projects Happy Thanksgiving Decoration on his window prior to the holiday weekend.

Of course, there are playful AtmosFX Decorations for Thanksgiving, too. Turkey Tomfoolery Decoration centers around a goofy turkey named Tom who is eager to decorate for The Big Day. And Balloon Parade: Thanksgiving Decoration is an uplifting nod to the Thanksgiving Day parades that families enjoy so much.

We know families enjoy the Happy Thanksgiving Decoration as well. With its gentle swirling leaves that are awash in fall color, this peaceful and serene decoration evokes a more contemplative mood. How might you use this decoration to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday? We have some great ideas for you.

Fall Foliage, Where you Need it

Think of your front window as a billboard to broadcast the message to family and friends: “We are happy you are here!” It’s easy. Place some AtmosFX Window Projection Material in the front window and project Happy Thanksgiving Decoration onto it. As they pull up into the driveway and see the greeting “Happy Thanksgiving,” they’ll know exactly how you feel about them.

Indoors, as you consider how you might display Happy Thanksgiving, remember that because it is more serene than other AtmosFX Decorations, it is perfect for putting on “loop” and letting it run in the background. That might be on the television, or perhaps on a wall near the Thanksgiving table. Maybe even the ceiling!

There is also a version optimized for the AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL – a circular projection screen that is portable and easily stored. It is easy to unfold and place in a location that needs an upgrade of fall color. That might be in the window, hanging above the buffet table, or perhaps from the upstairs railing. In each case, just train the proctor’s beam onto the disc, and you'll have an instant dynamic decoration.

Customizable Color

Like all AtmosFX Decorations, Happy Thanksgiving comes with multiple variations depending on how you want to use it. As mentioned above, there is a version optimized as a circle for the Decorating Disc XL. Versions also include a holiday greeting, and a reversed holiday greeting, so that you can display it in your window and it will read correctly! It’s a great display for the window as relatives arrive at the house for the weekend – what a welcome!

Another version features the leaves without the holiday greeting – leaving only the autumn leaves blowing in the breeze. That’s perfect for playing in the background, on loop, while you spend the afternoon visiting with friends and family, or perhaps digging into the roasted turkey.

Right Decoration, Right Time

Lastly, remember that all AtmosFX Decorations work well together – choose the right one for the right time!

For instance, earlier in the day, you might display the more playful Turkey Tomfoolery or Balloon Parade: Thanksgiving on the wall in the living room to entertain the kids while the adults prepare Thanksgiving dinner. As it gets later, shift to something more calming like Happy Thanksgiving Decoration. Everyone will be happy. Especially the hosts – because when the night is over, with these decorations there will be one less thing to clean up!

How do you use Happy Thanksgiving Decoration to prepare for the holiday? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form!

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