Smokin’ Hot Ways to Use ‘Inferno’

To say that we are fired up about our newest digital decoration isn’t just understatement. It’s also a Dad Joke. But our enthusiasm is real – the Inferno Digital Decoration Collection is a wildy flexible collection of fires, embers and blazes that will greatly enhance any Halloween digital decoration display. Inferno features four different fires, each raging with different intensities and colors, so there is no shortage of ways you can use it.

We say it all the time – we know there are endless ways to use AtmosFX Digital Decorations, and we are just waiting for our creative fans to show us the way. But in celebration of the release of Inferno, we offer these few examples to get the creative fires burning!

Tanner Rose of Pittsburgh, PA set his entire house "ablaze" with Inferno

The Basics: Window, Wall and Hollusion Projection

We’ll start with the basics. Most digital decorators are well-versed with window projections, and Inferno certainly works well in this fashion. Simply put some Window Projection Material in your window, and you’ll instantly have a three-alarm fire at your home. For just about anyone who turns their home into a haunted house in October (and isn’t that just about every one of you?!), a fiery display in just about any window will certainly add some dynamism to your home.

Similarly, wall projections are incredibly easy – just project a digital decoration on any wall, large or small, indoors or out. Some of the individual decorations contained in Inferno were designed specifically to look as though a wall or physical structure is catching on fire. This makes outdoor wall projections particularly captivating – just make sure your neighbors don’t call the fire department!

Inferno works great with Hollusion Projection Material, too – maybe even best of all. When the material recedes into the darkness and becomes nearly imperceptible, you can create the mystery of an eternally blazing fire nearly anywhere – on your lawn, in the air, on your roof, and so on. There’s a supernatural feel to Inferno when using it in Hollusion Mode, creating the illusion that a flame is burning without anything to fuel it. For this reason, it is a great complement to some of AtmosFX’s other supernatural digital decorations, like Ghostly Apparitions 2 or Phantasms.

Combining ‘Inferno’ with Other Digital Decorations

It goes without saying that Inferno is designed to be versatile – making it super easy to turn up the heat on any digital decoration display that you’ve already created. You can use it to create little hot spots of fire just about anywhere in your decoration display that needs it. Because there’s no inherent storyline in the digital decoration, it can enhance just about any theme you’ve already developed. For example, the “Ring of Fire” individual decoration would be a dazzling addition to any Harry Potter Halloween display or – dare we even need to say it?! – a Lord of the Rings display.

And because the flames come in a different assortment of colors – Realistic Flames, Green Wildfire, Blue Burn and Purple Blaze – they integrate easily into other decorations. For example, Green Wildfire could be used in combination with Witching Hour Digital Decoration to extend the side effects of her cauldron bubbling over. Or, you can match Blue Burn with the demons of the same color in Terrors From Beyond, making an already creepy digital decoration even more so.

For those of you who take their displays to the next level with projection mapping, Inferno is an endlessly flexible effect – easy to manipulate, combine and deploy in programs like Adobe After Effects or Premiere.

Other Unique or Creative Ways to Deploy ‘Inferno’

Of course, if there’s one thing we know about our fans – they are endlessly imaginative when it comes to figuring out new ways to use AtmosFX Digital Decorations. We’re sure we'll hear of countless ideas that we’ve never even thought of.

For example, if you make miniature Halloween villages, Inferno is a great way to safely add fire effects to your display using a mini-projector, making it more mysterious. Or why not drop a tablet displaying Inferno inside a carved Jack-O-Lantern? It will appear as though there is an enraged spirit lighting up the pumpkin.

Or how about using the “Fiery Blaze” individual decoration in combination with the dripping red of Blood Walls Digital Decoration on the side of your house or on a garage door? You’d have a diabolic back-and-forth as the blood dips down and the flames rise to meet it.

There are many digital decorators that have been experimenting with digital displays built for circles and spheres. Inferno’s “Ring of Fire” individual decoration works beautifully here – think of a strange circle of flame hovering above your home. Or, used in tandem with Halloween Moon Digital Decoration, imagine a glowing full moon slowly burning out, with nothing but a burning ring of fire remaining.

How will you use Inferno? We know that our fans will find countless ways to enhance their displays with this combustible creative new digital decoration. And when you do, make sure to send us your photos and videos using this easy form!

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