Home Haunting in Australia

This week, we're looking "down under" all the way to Australia. There, AtmosFAN Jason Rosemeier was faced with the challenge of digital decorating in daylight. 

"I have always used the AtmosFX products in the windows or outside as a hollusion." He says. "But due to being in the southern hemisphere we are in spring added with daylight savings time makes it difficult for young children to enjoy the digital decorations. They are usually at home and off to bed by the time it gets dark."

The answer was to create a dark, spooky cave out of plastic sheeting. Check out his video to see how he integrated Creepy Crawlies 2, Ghostly Apparitions, and Eerie Eyes.

"This year I decided to make sure the kids got to enjoy the AtmosFX products as much as I do." He says. "This meant blacking out the windows so that the display would work on the window facing the porch. So no usual front window digital decorations this time. I had to build some framework around the verandah/ porch area to support the 3 televisions as well as being something for the black plastic sheeting to be stapled to. This was the longest part of the project as it was windy and very entertaining for everyone to watch me put the plastic up. I used multiple layers of plastic on the outside as well as inside. The darkness is not perfect but it's just about right. It took approximately 50 hours total for the porch area.

The effect is still very good. I have always used all the tips and tricks shown in your tutorial videos as much as I can and am very grateful for them. The window displays are the best as they are quick and easy to install. It only takes maybe 30 mins total to set up a projector and tack the material to the window. When I think of all the money that I have spent on motion and sound activated decorations that work for a couple of years then die I am always grateful that AtmosFX has come into my life. Digital decorating is quick, cheap, versatile and has a much larger impact on your overall display that you really don't need anything else. The files and projectors will last for years after your other decorations have long gone."

 In this series of his build videos, you can see that Jason goes quite a bit beyond just digital decorations and builds an entire environment to delight his trick-or-treaters.

"The display always draws people from many surrounding suburbs with some coming from 30 kilometers away. Halloween isn't a big thing in Australia yet but it is growing so displays like mine are few and far between. I always get a few hundred trick or treaters and we hand out about 5,000 lollies. We've had Pocahontas show up on a horse and even had the Ghostbusters car visit. I enjoy the community spirit (pun intended) that Halloween brings and AtmosFX has gone a long way in helping us achieve that."


"We have been doing up our yard for Halloween for the last 5 years. The second year we started using AtmosFX products. Now they are central to my displays. Just isn't Halloween without them. Everyone is always so impressed by them. I have looked at other companies for digital decorations but they just do not compare to AtmosFX."

Thanks for your patronage, Jason. For everything you've created, we name you AtmosFAN of the Week! As a prize, you'll receive a free copy of our latest 2018 decoration, Halloween Monster Bash.


Think you have a display that will earn you AtmosFAN of the Week? Send your video links and photos to community@atmosfx.com and write "AtmosFAN of the Week" in the subject line! 


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