AtmosFAN Gets Creative with the Decorating Disc

Sometimes we’re impressed with how AtmosFANs decorate with digital decorations. Other times, we are impressed how AtmosFANs use tools to create something interesting and unique.

That’s the case for Christopher Turner of Montclair, Calif. We are marveling how he’s taken the AtmosFX Decorating Disc and placed it front-and-center in his decorating scheme – even to the point of modifying digital files so that he can celebrate events for which we haven’t even made digital decorations. (Yet!)

As you can see from the photos, Christopher has taken AtmosFX’s new Decorating Disc and dressed it up almost like it was a mirror ball. Along with some decorative drapes, he was able to create a festive feature for a 45th birthday party. Then he front-projected his modified digital decoration onto it.

The animated balloons in the background are from Celebrations Party Time Digital Decoration, but the “45” balloons in the foreground is something that Christopher added himself. “I incorporated the ‘45’ balloons from an image I found online,” he tells us. “Then using Adobe Premiere Pro, I created an overlay so that both the AtmosFX video and photo are simultaneously visible when projected.”

It is worth noting that Celebrations Party Time is not optimized for the Decorating Disc – but that didn’t stop Christopher, either. He simply cropped the images to certain shapes – in this case, a circle. Thus, no light spill.

Not only was the display a festive party decoration, Christopher also used the display as a backdrop where guests could have their photos taken at the event.

For Mother’s Day, Christopher wanted to create “a small display message honoring and appreciating my mother’s hard work,” he tells us. The fact that there was no specific digital decoration in the AtmosFX library didn’t stop him. He simply found a Mother’s Day image online and formatted it to a circle.

And that is why Christopher is the current AtmosFAN of the Week! We love how he had a simple vision, and he didn’t let anything get in his way from creating it. Using his Decorating Disc and projector, there’s no event he cannot celebrate.

And while there’s no shortage of holidays coming up that Christopher will be able to decorate for, what he’s really looking forward to is Halloween. And for that, we know we’ve got a ton of great content for him to use!


What holidays are you decorating for? And what unique ways do you do it? We want to see your work – and it is easy to show it to us! Simply send us your photos and videos using this handy online form!

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