Great Ways to Use ‘Ghostly Pets’

It’s likely your Halloween decoration display is chock full of spirits, specters and ghosts – but where are their cuddly lil’ companions? AtmosFX’s newest decoration collection, Ghostly Pets, seeks to address this eternal omission with a playful procession of phantasmic felines and Fidos. After all, when ghosts walk the earth, wouldn’t they want a dog to walk? A cat to caress?

AtmosFAN Kari Wellborn provides her review of the Ghostly Pets collection.

There’s not much that’s scary about Ghostly Pets, this decoration is exactly how it should be: frisky, friendly … and phantasmic! There are two individual decorations contained within the complete collection – one with canines, another with felines. In each case, there are multiple breeds that romp, play and, um, hover throughout the decoration. And for those who purchase the complete Ghostly Pets Decoration Collection, they will receive an additional individual decoration with dogs and cats in the same scene!

So, what are some fun ways to use Ghostly Pets? We’ve got a few good ideas for you.


Ghosts come and go as they please – materializing in front of your very eyes at any given moment. That’s just what they do! So why would it not be the case for their pets? For this reason, a Hollusion mode projection is going to be an effective way to display Ghostly Pets, just like you might for any other ghost-centric AtmosFX Decoration.

For those unfamiliar with the technique, a Hollusion mode projection is essentially training the projector’s beam onto a dark, mesh-like material (called Hollusion Projection Material) that practically disappears when darkness falls. The projection still shows up on the material – even though you can’t see it – making a spooky ghost-like effect.

In the case of Ghostly Pets, a roaming cat or dog might make a great insertion on a playlist full of scarier ghosts – for example, once the Grim Reaper from Legends of Halloween fades into the darkness, why not lighten the mood with a ghost kitten chasing a ball of yarn?


Pets are often left home to their own devices when we are away – why wouldn’t that also be the case for pets that are ghosts? By placing some Window Projection Material in your window you can make it appear that your house is completely dark and uninhabited – except for the dogs and cats hovering freely, of course!

Just like with Hollusion mode, think about how a four-legged phantasm might add to your display. It may be a good change of pace after a the scary Ghost Pirate scene from Ghostly Apparitions 3. Or, Ghostly Pets might add to an already established theme. For instance, when the skeletons of Bone Chillers 2 finish their “Skeleton Band” performance in your window, perhaps after a second or two of darkness, a ghost dog chases after a few loose bones?

Walls, TVs & Decorating Disc

Of course, one of the easiest ways to display Ghostly Pets is on a wall or ceiling – any large surface will work, indoors or out. When you directly display onto that surface, it will look as though the dogs and cats are floating through the room, or in front of your house, or anywhere. Indoors, this is a particularly effective technique for kids’ Halloween parties – just set Ghostly Pets on loop in the room where they are congregating and it will keep them busy (and happy) for hours.

For the same reason, displaying Ghostly Pets on a TV, Computer Monitor or tablet is a great technique, too. Especially for kids’ Halloween parties on an otherwise unused TV screen.

You can also place your monitor in the window, creating essentially a “window mode” display with your TV or monitor. This is an especially good technique in smaller windows. The secret is placing some Hollusion Projection Material over the screen to disguise the shape of the monitor and take the shine off the screen. Then, place it in a window. Or, maybe the doggie door!

Lastly, know that Ghostly Pets has also been optimized for AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL. That means the projections are fashioned in a circle. Hang the disc in a tree, or maybe in your window – you’ll have a unique projection that is sure to become the center of attention.

No matter how you choose to display Ghostly Pets Decoration Collection, we know the options are endless. Moreover, we know everyone will have a doggone good time with it!

How do you use Ghostly Pets in your Halloween display? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form and we will post some of our favorite examples!

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