AtmosFEARfx: Redux

Remember the feedback survey we posted back in January? We were thrilled to see how many of you shared your thoughts and ideas with us, and after reading all of your responses, we sat down and brainstormed ways we could make our decorations even better! This summer, we’ll be making some updates to our DVDs, adding new effects to several collections.

Blood Walls

Up until now, Blood Walls was a decoration that worked best with a projector. While effects from the collection could be displayed on your TV, there wasn’t a mode created specifically for that purpose. Well, we’re changing that – in our upcoming re-release, you’ll find a brand-new television mode featuring a mash-up of bloody effects and clips from the classic vampire movie, Nosferatu.

Shades of Evil and Tricks and Treats

Both Shades of Evil and Tricks and Treats are made up of shadowy scenes that look awesome projected into windows. However, like Blood Walls, these collections don’t currently include modes that are tailored for televisions. To give folks without projectors a way to display scenes in a more realistic way, our updated disks will now include a TV mode. When selected, scenes will look like they’re playing behind a sheer curtain, allowing you to create the illusion that you’re watching them through a window – just like Jimmy Stewart did in Rear Window. (Hitchcock, anyone?)

As a bonus, this mode allows you to choose whether you’d like to display effects with or without a window frame.

UnLiving Portraits

Speaking of frames, we’ve seen people do some really cool things with UnLiving Portraits, including displaying different characters in faux picture frames that they build and attach to their wall or TV. We loved this idea, so we decided to add an additional mode to our re-mastered disks. By selecting this new option, the portrait you choose will be displayed within its own digital picture frame, allowing you to achieve a similar result without having to build anything special.

Creepy Crawlies 2

Our original Creepy-Crawly Wall was, for lack of a better word, creepy. Creepy Crawlies 2 was twice as creepy, and the upcoming re-release will be the creepiest yet! This digital decoration will feature a “Play All” mode that lets you cycle through all our critters…not just one.

In addition to these updates, many of our disks will have a new and improved menu system, making it even easier to select and play individual effects!

These freshly-revamped decorations will be available for purchase in July, so keep your eye on our website to learn when they're ready to roll out.

We’d like to thank you again for sharing all of your feedback with us, and we hope that these new updates and additions will make our decorations even more fun and easy-to-use.

Have additional ideas or thoughts? Drop us a comment below!

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