AtmosFAN’s Ode to Halloween – A Visual Feast

Sometimes we like playing “I Spy” when we receive a video submission from a particularly clever AtmosFAN – can we find all the projectors? By our count, Christopher K. deployed a total of eight projectors at his Huntley, Illinois, home.

For starters, Christopher created great-looking window displays in every available casement in the front of his house – and that’s no small feat. But what we really love are all the other types of displays he also used. We spot a great pumpkin-prop display, three 3DFX Forms working in unison, a sharp doorway projection, and a terrific surface projection in his driveway.

That isn’t to say there isn’t a lot of other good stuff to look at in Christopher’s font yard – the props are organized well, and the colors and lighting are terrific.

But, no surprise, we always love seeing how our fans use AtmosFX Decorations. Christopher’s pumpkin prop projection of Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree Decoration looks great front-and-center – did you notice he hid the projector behind the tree stump?! And the small garage-door opening is a great spot for a prop display on AtmosFX 3DFX Forms, featuring the loquacious ghosts from Boo Crew Decoration Collection.

And we will say, right now, that anytime you can place a projector up high, we will always praise a surface projection of Creepy Crawlies 2 on the ground. In this case, the tarantulas in the driveway look so realistic as they escape from their hidey-hole.

And not to be ignored, Christopher’s four window projections and one doorway projection are all sharp and well presented.

Christopher says it typically takes him two full weekends, plus one full week after he gets home from work, to get everything the way he wants it. But the results are worth it, as are the comments from his neighbors. When you overhear people using the words “Disney quality” you know you’ve done something right!

Great work, Christopher – we love all the work that you do! And we’re sure your community enjoys playing “I Spy” with all your AtmosFX Decorations just like we do!


There is less than two weeks until Halloween! As you prepare your home or office for the celebration, we want to see your creations! Send your photos and videos to us using this simple online form and we will share some of our favorites with the rest of this creative decorating community!

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