We Love Christmas Villages, and so do These AtmosFANs

What’s the one thing better than Thanksgiving leftovers? Christmas leftovers, of course! Thanks to so many creative AtmosFANs who have sent us their photos and videos, we’ll be feasting for months. For the first course, we bring you three unique Christmas Villages from three different AtmoFANs. Each miniature display utilizes an AtmosFX Digital Decoration in a different way – each to great effect!

Mini Fireworks for a Mini Village

Grace Dizon of San Francisco, Calif., already had a lovely Christmas village atop her mantle. But then she made a simple addition using the “Festive Fireworks” individual decoration from Celebrations Party Time. “Mini fireworks for my mini village,” she calls it, and said fellow members of the Christmas Village Facebook group were astonished by her wall projection. 

It Takes a Village On The Patio

Spencer Edwards of Carmichael, Calif., has an outdoor Christmas village display that he builds on his front patio for his neighbors to enjoy. This year, he set up essentially a half-circle projection screen behind his village, where he can project Santa’s Sleigh Ride and Nativity Window digital decoration collections. He even set it up so that the projector shoots through a window from his house, keeping it safe from the weather.

Santa On The Mantle

Brice Gateaux of Clerey, Aube, France, doesn’t have a Christmas village per se, but he does have a lovely collection of Santas atop his mantle. He likes to display on a screen Christmas Carolers digital decoration, as well as scenes from Winter Wonderland digital decoration. Like so many of us, Brice didn’t have many visitors this year because of COVID-19, but we imagine this joyful display helped maintain the Christmas spirit.

Great job all of you with your Christmas miniatures! We love how you celebrate the season. As for the rest of you, how did you celebrate Christmas or the New Year? Make sure to send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form.

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