Ten Great Last-Minute Costumes

Halloween is just a few days away, but it is never too late to get cracking on a last-minute Halloween costume. According to our Celebration Census, 74% of Americans won't be dressing up this Halloween. Most of them say they just don't have time. We say boo to that! Below are 10 great ideas to ensure your Halloween costume will be super-cool, even if your pre-planning isn’t.

1. A great tip from DIYjoy: Create a bag of jelly beans in roughly the amount of time it takes to inflate about 50 water balloons. This is a costume that simply pops! Pro tip: Don’t add water.


2. How quickly you can complete this costume depends on how much skin you’re willing to cover. But, the effect can range from comic to heroic: a true reflection of your resolution.


3. From Good Housekeeping, noodle on these costumes for couples that always make a great pairing.


4. If you like the idea above, then you’ll probably want to match it with a wine—or perhaps even a box of wine. 


5. You’ll be the apple of everyone’s eye with this clever take on Rene Magritte’s famous painting “Son of Man.” Party tip: Avoid anyone in a William Tell costume.


 6. As we learned from the TV show Portlandia, everything’s better with “a bird on it.” Grab some ‘60s-era clothes, a few styrofoam crows, and Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds will return. Make your dinner reservations under the name, "Tippy Hedren."


 7. Not sure there’s much that’s last minute about the awesome muppet Yip Yip costumes on Instructables, but it is just too cool to ignore. Maybe Halloween 2018?


8. A box, food-storage bowls and a bunch of paint makes re-creating a large LEGO block easy. For extra party fun, consider lodging yourself in the sofa cushions or under the fridge.  


9. For the well-dressed man, as usual, GQ has an idea: Throw a Superman t-shirt under your suit and you’re instantly Clark Kent in transition.


 10. And lastly, there’s this from Popsugar, the perfect costume for those willing to go all-in when it comes to admitting you’re last-minute.


So there it is: our roundup of fun costumes for the busy, the lazy, and the overwhelmed. Got ideas of your own? Have pictures? Thought of new ways to use the latest AtmosFX digital decorations in your costuming like a giant pair of Eerie Eyes or an out-and-about Boo Crew? Add them to the comments! We love hearing from our fans.

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