Looking for a good costume? Dress like a digital decoration!

With Halloween around the corner, we realize many of you are already suited-up for the season’s Halloween parties and costume events. But for those of you still looking for a killer idea, we’ve got one for you: Dress up like an AtmosFX Digital Decoration!

Just think of it – you’ve already given your party guests a good jolt when they first saw, for example, Macabre Manor’s Lord and Lady of the House materialize in your front window. So, just think how they’ll freak out when those same ghosts open the front door and offer their guests some Shrimp Brain Cocktail?

To be clear, we don't manufacture costumes – nor do we endorse any individual costume manufacturer or retailer. But we do like what we see – and we think some of the links below can ratchet-up an already awesome Halloween Party display to something even, uh, awesomer.

‘Trick ’r Treat’

Our newest AtmosFX Digital Decoration focuses on the manically mischievous main character in the 2007 indie cult horror classic of the same name. Sam’s antics in our digital decoration are already pretty creepy – so imagine how your guests might respond to the appearance of an adult-size human stuffed into Sam’s childish costume.

‘Macabre Manor’ and ‘Ghostly Apparitions’

Edwardian-era ghosts are always a party favorite, given its ornate steampunk sensibilities and the endless opportunities to accessorize. That matches up well with two of our most popular ghost-filled digital decorations, Macabre Manor and Ghostly Apparitions.

‘Witching Hour’

Witch costumes are among the most tried-and-true costumes – don't we all have one or two stashed away somewhere? Or, is that your Johnny Cash costume? Who knows, but we love the costumes that celebrate the sidekicks of Witching Hour’s witch – the cat and the crow.

‘Zombie Invasion!’

It seems unnecessary to recommend store-bought zombie costumes when nearly every one of us has either a pile of ragged clothes stashed somewhere in our garage or actually survived a real zombie assault. (Probably both.) Still, here are few costumes that appealed to us:

‘Bone Chillers’

Dressing up like a skeleton is always a little tricky given the typically chilly temperatures around Halloween night. (They also don’t give you an easy place to keep your wallet.) Still, the skeletons of Bone Chillers are certainly worth emulating – with a few amusing variations, of course.

‘Creepy Crawlies 2’

Why dress up like a ghost, zombie or vampire when you could dress up like something really terrifying – like a rat or cockroach? Ick. Costumes like that make a Creepy Crawlies 2 party a weirdly satisfying event – at least until the Dung Beetles get invited over. Then it’s just gross.

What costumes did we miss?  Let us know what others you think go along with our digital decorations in the comments below!

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