Comparing the 4 New AtmosFX Projector Kits

AtmosFX launched the original AtmosKIT Plus in partnership with ViewSonic two years ago as an easy all-in-one way to get started in the wonderful world of digital decorating. Since that time we’ve listened to fan comments and have expanded our projector kit offerings to four different packages.

You might be asking yourself, “Self? What is the difference between these kits? And how can I decide which one(s) fit my own unique decorating needs?” No need to worry – this article will share the important deets (as the kids say) and help you decide for yourself.

AtmosKIT and the AtmosKIT Plus

First, you may have noticed that we offer two options: the AtmosKIT and AtmosKIT Plus. They have more in common than they are different. Both kits come with a USB key with 12 AtmosFX Decorations (All-Season or Halloween), AtmosFX Window Projection Material, a $20 coupon/art card good towards purchasing more decorations, and a ViewSonic projector. The projectors offered are where these kits differ. 

The AtmosKIT comes with the ViewSonic M1 Mini Plus, an ultra-portable LED short-throw projector. This is a great budget-friendly projector that weighs less than 1 pound, has smart WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth to connect to audio speakers. It also comes with a remote control and three different colored panels that you can swap out on the projector itself. This pico projector is covered under ViewSonic’s three-year limited warranty and is rated 3.9 (out of 5) on Amazon.

Both the all-season and Halloween versions of the AtmosKIT sell for $259.

The AtmosKIT Plus comes with the ViewSonic M1+ ultra-portable LED short-throw projector. Just like the projector in the AtmosKIT, it has WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth capability and remote control. However, this projector offers improved brightness, longer battery life, and high-end Harmon Kardon speakers. This projector is also covered under ViewSonic’s three-year warranty and is rated 4.1 (out of 5) on Amazon.

Both the all-season and Halloween versions of the AtmosKIT Plus sell for $369.

To decide which projection kit is best for you, you can view the in-use photos of each kit, as well as read the technical specs for both of these two fine ViewSonic projectors below. But before we do, let's talk about the 12 AtmosFX Decorations included in each kit.

All-Season and Halloween Editions - A Difference in Decorations

You may have also noticed that we offer two different editions of the AtmosKIT and AtmosKIT Plus. The difference is the decorations: One features all-season decorations, while the other offers exclusively Halloween decorations.

Why? We recognize that some of our customers like to decorate for a plethora of holidays year-round, while others go all-in on Halloween. Either way, we are here for you!

The All-Season kits come with 12 decorations to help you celebrate Easter, birthdays, U.S. holidays like Memorial Day or the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They are:

The Halloween editions of these kits come with a mix of family friendly and spooky decorations. They are:

Don’t forget each kit also comes with a $20 coupon/art card good towards purchasing additional AtmosFX Decorations!

Technical Differences Between the AtmosKIT and the AtmosKIT Plus

Besides the price, what are the technical differences between the two kits? We have taken some video to help you compare. 

Below are some videos of the AtmosKIT M1 Mini Plus in a window.

And here are a couple of comparison shots between the two projectors shot against a wall in a dark interior. 

And here are the tech specs of the two projectors for you to compare.

(M1 Mini Plus)

AtmosKIT Plus

Battery Life

Up to 1.4 hours

Up to 6 Hours

Video/Data Inputs


HDMI, USB Type A, USB Type C, Micro SD card


120 LED Lumens

300 LED Lumens




Internal Storage

4GB available

12GB available storage

Audio Output

2W JBL Speaker, Bluetooth

3W Harmon Kardon Stereo Speakers, 3.5mm Audio Plug, Bluetooth


3 ReplaceableColor Plates

Projector Slipcover

Mounting Option

Smart Stand

Smart Stand, Tripod Adapter

You can visit our projectors page here to make your pick! Regardless of which kit you choose, we’d love to see how you use it to decorate for Halloween or any other holiday. 

Send us your photos and videos using this simple online form and you may become the next AtmosFAN of the Week! All submissions earn AtmosFX Kudos, which can be traded for discounts on AtmosFX products. And each winner receives a complete decoration collection of their choice!

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