Explosive Ways to Decorate with ‘Celebrations America’

We’ll state the obvious here: AtmosFX’s Celebrations America Digital Decoration is perfect for celebrating Flag Day on June 14. It’s Old Glory, after all!

But, of course, any of the holidays that celebrate this nation, or celebrates those who have served to protect it and those who have toiled to make it what it is today – deserve to be honored. That means Independence Day and Election Day, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, and Labor Day are all perfect for a jubilant display through the projection of Celebrations America.

But there’s no reason to stop there. With the Olympic Games set to take place in Tokyo this summer, what better way to support Team USA? Same could be said for other worldwide sporting events like the World Cup, the World Baseball Classic, the Winter Olympics and so on.

And while it is always a joy to lift up our national athletes, if there is anything this last year-and-a-half has taught us, it is that our essential workers – nurses, firefighters, teachers, etcetera – deserve just as much praise. And Celebrations America is made to do exactly that, too.

All to say, we know that Celebrations America and its three unique individual decorations (“Stars & Stripes,” “Patriotic Fireworks” and “Waving Flag”) are an incredibly versatile digital decoration with countless ways to use it. And given that this new digital decoration pairs with Celebrations Party Time Digital Decoration, you have even more options. And we have some ideas for you.

Windows: Combined with Window Projection Material, projecting on windows is one of the most common ways to display any AtmosFX Digital Decoration. Because windows are often big and in the front of your house (as well as allowing you to keep your projector safe and dry inside your house), it is a great technique to let your neighborhood know you are proud to celebrate Memorial Day, Election Day or more. If you are hosting an Independence Day picnic, you’ll set exactly the right tone when your guests arrive. And if you have a family member in the armed services returning home from active duty, what better way to show your appreciation and provide a spectacular homecoming?!

Surfaces: The only thing easier than projecting on a window is doing so on a surface – after all, you don’t need any kind of projection material to do so! For those hosting holiday picnics and parties, a wall in your home near the buffet table, or maybe a patio wall near the barbecue, can be instantly turned into a patriotic decoration. Place your projector up high and shine down onto a white tablecloth – you’ll instantly have a dynamic red-white-and-blue table setting.

Really Big Surfaces: But don’t stop there. For those who have projectors with large lumen counts, projecting on garage doors, sides of houses, water towers, or any large object is perfect for display. Think of it as a never-ending supply of digital fireworks!

Hollusion Displays: Taking the idea of digital fireworks one step further, clever digital decorators can experiment using Hollusion Projection Material. Technically, Celebrations America doesn’t have a “Hollusion Mode,” but that doesn’t mean you cannot successfully create a captivating Hollusion. During dusk or later, we’ve seen Hollusion Projection Material strung high on a rooftop or amongst tree branches, and the “Festive Fireworks” individual decoration of Celebrations Party Time projected onto it. It makes for a great artificial fireworks display before the real one – and there’s no reason Celebrations America cannot be used in the same way!

TVs and Monitors: While it might not be as high-profile as projecting on the side of a house, remember that Celebrations America can also be played on a TV or monitor. It’s a handy way to easily show your colors when the TV is not in use. Kids love it too – as they take a break from the picnic festivities they can pop down and watch the display.

Decorating Discs: Lastly, for those who have enjoyed experimenting with AtmosFX’s new Decorating Disc, you’ll be pleased to know that Celebrations America has a circular projection mode optimized for it, for both front and rear projection. The circular screen makes for a great decorative accent that can be placed anywhere!

This is just a start – we know good ol’ American ingenuity will kick-in and there will be countless new ways to use Celebrations America Digital Decoration that we’ve never even thought of! No matter how you use it, it is certain to be an outstanding way to celebrate the United States and the people who make it great!


Make sure to send us your photos and videos of how you use Celebrations America! It is easy to do so here.

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