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Even though Thanksgiving is a week away, we just can’t give up on Halloween quite yet – there are just too many great Halloween displays in which to indulge! So, as we begin to devour some Halloween leftovers, let’s dig into this impressive display from Geraldo S. of Weston, Florida. As you can see from Geraldo’s display, there’s a ton of lights and color at his home. And it’s gained quite a reputation – Geraldo tells us that, each year, his home attracts visitors from far beyond his south Florida community. It’s easy to see why. He’s got six projectors going, and as many wireless speakers to crank out the sound.

We love how Geraldo uses his projectors in combination with the AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL. As you can see from the image above, Geraldo hangs the 43-inch disc high above his graveyard, creating an incredibly ominous mood – like you are being watched by the Ghost Bride from Halloween Hosts Decoration Collection. The image is crisp and mesmerizing – no wonder Geraldo tells us that visitors say it is their favorite at his home.

Geraldo’s work with props is just as quality. As you can see above, his use of the 3DFX Form is incredibly lifelike – if one could say that a ghost is lifelike at all! The Brooding Butler from Halloween Hosts Decoration looks stunning – no light spill, just an unnerving display!

Even Geraldo’s less-prominent displays are incredibly well done. Above, we have a simple surface projection of Sinister Shadows Decoration on the gravestones at his cemetery. It makes you wonder if visitors keep looking behind them, asking “Where is that Grave Digger?”

Lastly, Geraldo’s projection onto his garage door is probably as simple of a setup as it comes – just blast the projector beam onto the garage door! But look how great Eerie Eyes Decoration looks – as though some strange creature is peeking out from the darkness of Geraldo’s garage!

Great work, Geraldo! We love what you have done – a true feast for the eyes!

Even though Halloween is in the past, we still want to see your work! And we'll keep serving up Halloween leftovers (yum!) all year! Every submission will earn you Kudos for use at AtmosFX.com, and winners will get a free decoration collection of their choice. Submit your photos and videos here, using this easy online submission form!

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