The Long & Short of Two AtmosFANs’ Displays

When we say that you can project AtmosFX Digital Decorations just about anywhere, large or small, we mean it. As proof of that, we bring you Jeff Prah and Frans van Hoesel. They don’t know each other – they don’t even live on the same continent. But they have definitively covered the spectrum when it comes to their Halloween decoration displays. Jeff went big. Frans went small. And both look fantastic!

The Big Picture

We discovered this posted to AtmosFX’s Facebook page, and there’s no surprise why it was an instant hit among those who saw it. Jeff Prah brought some big-time Halloween spirit to his hometown of Plainfield, Illinois, when he projected Halloween Window Digital Decoration onto the nearby water tower for all to see.

Needless to say, you need to have a pretty powerful projector to be able to pull this off – which Jeff does. 5,000 lumens! But more than that, you need to have a playfully mischievous decorating sensibility to be able to pull off something as grand as this. We’d love to know what the community around Jeff’s home thought when they saw it – we imagine it was quite a surprise!

The Smallest of Details

No less clever was the video that Frans van Hoesel from Groningen, Netherlands, sent us. He went small, building a petit Halloween village and train track, incorporating several AtmosFX Digital Decorations into the mix.

He uses Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree in two separate places – and who can resist the pumpkin on the back of the train? Frans’ great display is almost like playing “I Spy” – we see Halloween Moon Digital Decoration Collection, and there’s also two great uses of Phantasms Digital Decoration Collection. One as a hollusion effect, using a bit of plexiglass, instead of the typical Hollusion Projection Material. The other? Well, we are playing “I Spy,” aren’t we?

To both Jeff and Frans – great stuff! You both show how cool it can be to add digital decoration detail anywhere, big or small! We love it!

Whether your digital decoration displays are big or small, we want to see them – no matter what holiday you are celebrating! Send us your photos and videos using this simple submission form!

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