AtmosFAN Builds Cemetery in Sister’s ’Hood

There are some people who love Halloween so much, they’re not going to let small obstacles keep them from celebrating the day.

That’s the case for George Gakoumis, Jr., of Orlando, Florida. George worked in the haunt industry for more than a dozen years before he took a new job as an art director at a local theme park – one that didn’t allow him to fully embrace Halloween professionally. On top of that, because he lived in a duplex, he didn’t have the yard space to decorate for the season.

So George asked his sister, who lived nearby, if he could decorate her yard for Halloween. As you can see below, even though George is no longer technically a professional haunter, the results are anything but amateur.

George says his sister’s home is “very Florida,” so he was inspired to build an old cemetery and cornfield in the side yard for Halloween. Made largely from plywood and carved polystyrene foam, then “weathered” with paint and stucco-like cement, his creation apparently fit right into the neighborhood.

“The first time I set up the cemetery gate, the neighborhood had a yard sale,” George tells us. “People thought the cemetery was real. Many said that they thought it was a strange place for a cemetery. Others said they had lived there for 20-plus years and they never remembered a cemetery at that location. So I guess I did a decent job.”

According to George, there are approximately 15 different AtmosFX Digital Decorations in his display – including Phantasms and Bone Chillers – most of them displayed through the archway of the cemetery. He also mixed-in a few digital decorations in his cornfield, including Eerie Eyes. He also makes great use of the Halloween Moon Digital Decoration, too. (Also: We always love seeing Sam from Michael Dougherty’s Halloween horror film, Trick ’r Treat!)

George started his display three years ago – and each year it gets larger. “The neighborhood went nuts for it,” he says. In fact, it sounds like they’re ready for more.

“My sister’s neighbors always ask what we’ll do for Christmas,” he says with a laugh. “My response is ‘recover from Halloween.’ ”

Great work, George! We are so glad you are keeping up your incredible Halloween decorating skills in your sister’s yard. And it sounds like everyone else is, too!

How do you decorate your – or someone else’s – yard for Halloween? (Or any other holiday, for that matter!) Make sure to send us your photos and videos so that we can share them with this incredibly creative digital decorating community! It is easy, and you can do so here!

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