Space Creatures from AtmosFAN are Out of this World

If you have been paying attention to AtmosFAN of the Week over the years, you’ve likely seen the great work of Fraidy Zone. Last year, she transported us back in time to an incredible ancient Egypt display at her Pacifica, Calif., home. You can check it out here.

For this past Halloween, Fraidy did one better. She transported us not just to another time, but another planet. There’s a galaxy of great ideas in this short video – including a fantastic alien creature using Eerie Eyes Digital Decoration Collection.

Fraidy is a genius when it comes to creating cool props out of repurposed and recycled items. For example, we love how Fraidy used plastic cups to distort and amplify the strings of LED lights. They make fantastic – and easy – spaceship laser beams. She’s molded leftover packing peanuts into alien landscapes, and converted pool noodles into mysterious tentacles. It all looks great!

And, naturally, we were drawn to how Fraidy took a basic animatronic creature she purchased at a big-box hardware store and modified it with Eerie Eyes. It is easier than it looks.

Fraidy took a plastic dinner plate and affixed it with fishing line onto the backside of the animatronic. (She used the back because there were fewer distinguishing features that needed to be covered up.) She added a little black tape to accentuate the circle – think mascara. Then, quite simply, she took a projector and trained Eerie Eyes onto the plate, making sure the projector was set up at the right distance and angle as to not be blocked by curious onlookers.

“Once the light hits the plate, it appears to come from within the structure,” Fraidy tells us. “Overall, this setup worked really well. The kids loved it and the parents kept trying to figure out how it worked!”

These little touches are the type of thing that takes an already cool display and launches it into the stratosphere. Needless to say, anyone can do these simple and clever hacks – it’s just that Fraidy does them all the time!

And it is easy to see them! If you want to be kept up-to-date on these and other clever Halloween decoration ideas, Fraidy does have her own YouTube Channel called, of course, the Fraidy Zone. It is a fantastic resource whenever you’re looking for decorating inspiration.

Are you taking advantage of the dark winter days by planning your Halloween decoration display? If you are testing out new ideas, or maybe considering creating something altogether new, we want to see it! Send your photos and videos to us using this easy online submission form – you can inspire a whole world of digital decorators with your ideas! You may even be named the next AtmosFAN of the Week and win a free digital decoration collection.

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