AtmosFAN Travels Back in Time to Ancient Egypt

Since it is Halfway to Halloween, it makes sense to travel halfway around the world to Egypt for a truly elaborate Halloween display.

Sure, the true location of this masterpiece is Pacifica, Calif., where Fraidy Zone makes her home. But as you can see from the following video, this incredibly immersive display takes you back to the times of pharaohs, curses, sphinxes and … mummies. But once you venture there, who knows if you’ll ever make it back?!

You might know the name Fraidy Zone from YouTube – there, she packs her channel with clever short videos that are a fantastic resource whenever you’re looking for decorating inspiration. “Fraidy” is the name she prefers to go by – “I’m hesitant to use my real name so that my dear, sweet relatives won’t be compelled to ask why I have time to make Halloween videos instead of going to visit them,” she says with a laugh.

The video you see above is from last year’s Halloween – and it is more than just a well-crafted video. Typically, Fraidy puts together a decoration display that focuses on a central theme, which is equal parts a Halloween party and home haunt for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters to enjoy. This year, like for so many of us, she had to change her plans just a bit.

“On the second floor of my house, half of the setup was that of an ancient Egyptian temple, and the other half was a museum of Egyptian artifacts, all of which (including the projections) were visible from the street,” Fraidy tells us. “Then, the garage was transformed into the mummy’s tomb and open for anyone to see. This setup, combined with the outdoor location of my larger props allowed for a more socially distanced trick-or-treating experience.

“A main challenge I anticipated, however, was how to take what is essentially a tomb, and somehow bring it to life,” she adds. “I am thrilled to say that AtmosFX Creepy Crawlies 2 helped me to do just that.”

The level of detail, in nearly every corner, is what makes Fraidy’s creations so compelling. And here’s the amazing part – so much of it she created in the final days approaching Halloween. “Once I had committed to doing an Egyptian theme, I realized that I would have to make the vast majority of my props,” Fraidy says. “So I started working on them during midsummer, with most of the work happening at the very last minute. In fact, I didn’t actually open the garage door to see what it would look like until Halloween night!”

In fact, below are a few in-progress photos Fraidy took before Halloween night.

Well, we are impressed – this is a thoroughly immersive experience, packed with great ideas that all of us could use, even if we are not decorating a mummy’s tomb! Great stuff, Fraidy! And we are looking forward to seeing what you do for the upcoming Halloween in half a year – we hear it will outer space theme. We can’t wait to see it!

What are you planning for the upcoming Halloween season? You are on the clock – it is one half-year away! If you are testing out new ideas, or maybe considering creating something altogether new, we want to see it! Send your photos and videos to us using this easy online submission form – you can inspire a whole world of Halloween decorators with your ideas!

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