Great Ways to Use ‘Dinosaur Encounter’

No one should be surprised that AtmosFX’s Dinosaur Encounter Decoration Collection has inspired so many decorators around the world. After all, from our earliest days, most of us have been captivated by those “terrible lizards.” Now, years later, who wouldn’t want to take those objects of childhood fascination and use them in our own celebration? 

AtmosFAN Lyle Coram used multiple projectors to make it appear that his house was surrounded by dinosaurs. Read about it at the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.

Divided by dinosaur types – Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaurus and Velociraptors – the four individual decorations included in the Dinosaur Encounter Decoration Collection have given way to some massively creative decoration displays. Let us show you some great ways to use it!

Dinosaurs Love Parties

Is there a person on the planet that has not attended a dinosaur-themed birthday party at some point in their childhood? We think not. For parents who are hosting these parties, or just granting a birthday wish, Dinosaur Encounter will ensure that no one will ever forget it.

Window projections are a great way to get the kids excited at the party. When you place Window Projection Material in the window and project Dinosaur Encounter onto it, kids arriving to the party will certainly feel the excitement. Or, you can do what many decorators enjoy doing with this decoration – project onto your window from the outside. This way, kids at the party will think the dinosaurs are roaming just outside the house.

Of course, if you are decorating for a party, you can make it even easier. For example, simply projecting on a wall inside or outside your house – as large as possible, of course! – is a great way to engage the partygoers.

Like all AtmosFX Decorations, you can also play Dinosaur Encounter on a TV, computer monitor or tablet for a smaller presentation. The kids will still be rapt in attention. You can even dress-up that TV screen with a window frame and drapes, making it look as though you are looking out a window into Jurassic Park. We’ve also seen decorators load their television monitor into their SUV and display Dinosaur Encounter on it, making it appear that the vehicle was transporting a dinosaur.

And remember, too, this decoration isn’t just for parties. One of our favorite uses was in a school library, where a clever librarian set up some Hollusion Projection Material and displayed Dinosaur Encounter onto it. She used it as a way of getting her pupils excited about the dinosaur books she had on display. It’s fair to say the library was anything but quiet that day – which we all would certainly consider a gigantic success!

Adults Like Dinosaurs, too!

Of course, most adults were kids once, so we are all genetically predisposed to loving dinosaurs, too. And there’s even a day to unabashedly celebrate it. Dinosaur Day – yes, it is a thing! – is celebrated each year on June 1.

In fact, we know of an AtmosFAN who hung some semi-translucent plastic in his yard, and adorned it with electric fencing and warning signs, he had himself a holiday-appropriate display on Dinosaur Day that was the envy of the neighborhood. Who says it needs to be Halloween or Christmas to create a stunning display, anyway? Any day is a great day to decorate!

How do you use Dinosaur Encounter to celebrate any time of year? We want to see it! Send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form and we will post some of our favorite examples!

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AtmosFAN Dustin Koehler creates a birthday present his young son will never forget. Read about it at the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.
AtmosFAN Sheila Nielson created a Hollusion effect to get her students excited about dinosaur books in her library. Read about it at the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame. 
Who says you can only decorate your home at Halloween or Christmas? AtmosFAN Bob Nonotny celebrates Dinosaur Day on June 1 with a spectacular display. Read about it at the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.
Dale Hughes of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, U.K., projects Dinosaur Encounter onto windows of his home, bringing great delight to his children. Read about it at the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.

AtmosFAN Grant Roberts placed a television monitor in the back of his car to make it look like he was transporting a Tyrannosaur. Read about it at the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame.


Check out how these and other AtmosFANs have decorated with Dinosaur Encounter and other decorations in the AtmosFAN Hall of Fame!

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