Big Time Projection Goes … Big Time

We have big time praise for this week’s AtmosFAN of the Week – because he knows how to put on a big show with just one AtmosFX Digital Decoration.

This week’s honor goes across the pond to Colchester, England, where Wayne Seadan projected scenes from Phantasms outside his house. Yes, it was only one decoration, and it was only a test. But the impact was mind-blowing – as we’ll get to later.

As you can see from Wayne’s effect, he set up a wall display – one of the least complicated ways digitally decorate. (Step 1: Project on wall. Step 2: Done!) But using a projector with a high lumen count in a relatively dark area, even an uncomplicated setup can have huge impact. Wayne went big on this display, displaying it as large as he could, and we think it looks great. He tells us his projection display will be the centerpiece of larger setup – we can’t wait to see that!

And when we say Wayne went big – we are not just talking about his display. He posted one of his first test videos to his Facebook page and it went viral. Capital V viral. Within a week of posting his video, it had more than 7 million views. As Wayne noted on his Facebook page, that’s more than the entire population of New Zealand.

No word if Wayne had to hire some personal assistants to process friend requests!

AtmosFAN of the Week will be going strong through Halloween – so please send us your photos and videos using AtmosFX Digital Decorations. Each winner will receive a free digital download worth US$9.99, not to mention praise and glory from the digital decorating community. (Heck! Maybe even 7 million Facebook friends.) Send your submissions to – and make sure to put “AtmosFAN of the Week” in the subject line!

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